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PRO TIP #1: Red bead above the jig head

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If you ar fishing for flathead in shallow water , on the flats , or in depths no more than 10-15 ft ( 3 -6 ) metres , then put w red plastic bead on your leader line just above the jig head . It seems to attract the flathead . Whether it looks like an eye of the soft plastic bleeding , I don’t know , but you will catch more flathead . If you want to make the soft plastic look like it has eyes then put two red beads on . You do a loop knot ( see previous blogs on how to tie it ) . First you do the half hitch on the leader leaving the circle in the line , put the first bead on now , then put the leader through the jig head and then put on the second red bead , now tie the loop knot . You will t the soft plastic looks like it had two red eyes . Now try it on the fishing , if there is a flathead around you will get hit by it .
see photo below .
another tip tomorrow .



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