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Pittwater fishing 25.3.17 .great catches

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Fishing Pittwater Saturday. The morning was still so I went after bream as it was high tide . Two nice bream in two hours plus plenty of small reds to keep me entertained . I was using 1000 reel , 6 lb leader , 4 lb braid and 2 kg rod . The jig head was 1/12 oz with 2.5″ gulp shrimp in new penny colour . I decided to fish deep , 6 -7 metres as the water was dirty from the rain .

I went out in the afternoon at 4.30 just to try for a jewfish . After about an hour with nothing I hooked this small Jewie which was exciting . Then along came a school of bait fish followed by some rat kings so I threw the 5 ” soft plastic at them and hooked up a rat kingside which gave me a lot of fight . That was the day . The last two were caught on a 5″ Berkeley gulp jerk shad in pearl white , 3/0 hook and 1/4 oz jig head . I fished in 10-12 metres water amongst the moored boats .enjoy the photos . Videos to come later . 

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Fishing New Zealand 26.1.17.

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Over in New Zealand for a few days , the three of us managed to get out for a fish on one day . We went out from Waiheke island , just off Auckland for snapper and a king fish if possible .
The wind was up and it was very choppy but the 6 metre boat handled it well . On our way to a reef we saw the birds working so after them we went . Never go past birds working ! Well it was the right decision . For the next 3 1/2 hours we caught fish after fish . Paul was on bait , Chris on soft plastics and I was on a micro jig 40 gram . All of us had light gear ,1-3 PE rods and 2500 reels with either 10 lb or 15 lb leader .
Just about every cast we each pulled up a Kawai ( don’t know the spelling but it is the same as an Australian salmon ) . We must have caught over 60 of these . They were making it hard to get to the bottom to hit the snapper but who’s complaining . It was a lot of fun .
In amongst that we did catch a lot of small snapper , but some ice size ones for the table also were boated . The micro jig caught the biggest one . Just as we were about to change spots I hooked a great fish thinking it was s big snapper . The fight was too great for the snapper and in came a niece big kingie on the 40 g micro jig . On my little 1-3 rod and 2500 reel this was a great fight . The fish of the day .
All in all we must have caught and released more than 100 fish . Worth the effort , a lot of fun . Then back to land and off to the wineries for the afternoon . See the photos below .

fishing new zealand fishing kingfish australia fishing kingfish australia


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Fishing the Hawkesbury River

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Went out with Ron Osman from Hawkesbury fishing charters with 3 friends . Boy , you learn more in 6 hours with Ron than you do on your own in a year . Pick up at 6 am , the wind was 30 – 35 knots , but this didn’t stop us . First , catch some love yakkas and live squid .Down with the berley and the yakkas come but won’t bite . We caught 6 or 7 and then went after squid . Look for the weed and close to the jetties and wharves . Ron’s tricks for live bait is to have someone on the sabiki jigs and someone on a hand line with one hook and some bait on it . No weight on the hand line . For the squid he says no bigger squid jig than 1.8g or 2 g as the water is not that deep . If you go to the deep put a sinker on, either running , or a paternoster rig . No kingies today but plenty of tailor and quite big ones . One flathead as a by catch . For the tailor Ron uses a small silver spinner that looks like the white bait they are feeding on . Nearly every cast a tailor was hooked . Just cast it out and reel it back fast .
For the kingies Ron uses 65 lb braid and 80 lb leader as most of the kingies get caught amongst the boats and you need to tame them .
If you want to learn quickly where and how to fish go out with Ron , you won’t regret it ! And don’t forget to keep reading my blog !.
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Fishing at long reef – Kingfish and Jewfish

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Gun fisherman Tim Angus fished at long reef wide last week . The results – 7 kingies all around the metre mark and two jewfish , one 70 cm ,and one 85 cm . He fished in 130 ft water . Kingies caught on Stella 20,000 reel, medium heavy jigging rod PE 6, 80 lb braid , 100 lb Fluoro leader . Live squid for bait . You have to heavy up for these big fellas otherwise they will win .
Jewfish were caught on stella 6000 reel, 40 lb braid , 50 lb leader, bait was butterflied yakkas and squid . See the photos .
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How to rig a two hook rig for Kingfish (Video)

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Although you don’t need two hooks for kingfish , everyone uses two . It is either two hooks the same size or one hook and a treble hook they refer to as a stinger hook . Personally I don’t like the treble as it can damage the fish in the fight if it hooks into its side whilst it is fighting you . The second hook does not tend to do this as much and is much less damaging . The second reason is safety as the kingfish on the deck jumps around a lot and this stinger hook goes everywhere if it is not connected to the fish , and for sure it will get connected to your leg .
So watch the video and practice . It will save you a lot of money as the rigs in the stores are expensive and often you need to cut the line as the hooks won’t come out of the fish without damaging the fishes mouth . Once you have tied a few , you will see they are fast and easy to do . I always keep some rigged up on leaders so all you have to do is tie it onto the swivel . Two minutes and you are back fishing and not $5 poorer . The next blog will show you how to rig the yakkas two different ways.

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Hunting Kingfish in Pittwater

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Went kingie hunting again this morning as tide was high at 6.50 am so it would be a run out tide all morning . Weather was calm and bright sunshine so out to Valiant wreck . At least 10 boats there , so very crowded . Caught some live yakkas and away we went . Final score 6 kingies , but all too small . Much smaller than yesterday . Total for the weekend was 19 kingies , two were legal and eaten , and around 6 lost . One today was caught on a soft plastic, Berkley gulp ,7″ white , on 7/0 hook , 1 oz jig head . Fishing 25 metres depth .the water has dropped two degrees to 22.5 c , but plenty of action in Pittwater . Bream near the entrance of Pittwater on the flats , baby snapper everywhere , flathead on the drop overs . Perfect weather to go fishing !
The next blog will show you a video of how to rig the double hooks for kingies ..
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The secret to Fishing in Winter – Go light on the tackle

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When the water starts to get colder the fish we hunt in summer get lazy and harder to catch . But with all fishing you will catch more fish and bigger fish the lighter your tackle is .
FLATEAD – you can land any flathead on 6 lb braid , 8 lb or 10 lb leader . 2500 reel , 2-4 kg rod . More bites , more catches and even big ones . 5″ soft plastics , even 2″ shrimps depending on where you are fishing . See previous blogs for this info .
BREAM – the big ones are tricky so the lighter you go the more chance you have . 4 lb or 6 lb braid is ok , it’s the leader that is important . 6 lb maximum and go down to 4 lb or even 3 lb if they are not biting . I find 4 lb or 6 lb ok . 1000 reel and 2-4 kg rod is ok , but 1-3 kg rod is also very good and a lot of fun . You need to play these fish but that is the fun .
JEWFISH – this is fun on light gear . 2500 reel , 8 lb to 10 lb braid , 17 lb leader . It’s the leader that is important . You can go to 20 but lighter is better . You may lose one or two but you will hook and catch a lot more .
KINGFISH – the really big ones will smash you but to catch quantity lighter is better . I use PE 2-4 rod mostly with live bait , braid is 20 lb and the leader is 30 lb .and a 3-5 kg rod with soft plastics . Braid is 1O or 15 lb and leader 20 lb . Many times I catch a rat kingie on my flathead gear and the fight is terrific .
TAILOR – when I fish for tailor I use my flathead gear but up the leader to 15 lb . But they are still ok on your 10 lb leader and they won’t bite you off as much if you have a hard body lure , stick bait or metal spinner with the hooks at the back .
SALMON – these guys come in schools in winter and are the best fun on light gear . Use either your flathead gear and if you really want some fun use your bream gear with 3″ soft plastics in clear or white colour to imitate a white bait . You won’t believe how good it is .
WHITING – just use your bream gear and adjust the lures .
SQUID – plenty around in winter . Use your bream gear for fun or flathead gear if they are bigger .LEADER – in all the above scenarios , the length of leader is important . I use at least the length of the rod but usually a little more than 2 metres so I can change lures and still have a long leader for the day .
remember – lighter is better so if it is slow , go down to lighter line especially the leader . You will catch more especially using soft plastics , vibes or jigs . Even with live bait , lighter is better .
​ I hope this helps , have fun !

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Fishing Pittwater – Kingfish, Flathead, Tailor and Jewfish.

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Fishing looks good this weekend , for all sorts of fish . Flathead and bream , kingies , and tailor , maybe even the odd jewie . Soft plastics are the go on all the species ,and for the big kings use live yakkas or live squid . Kingies are biting on dead squid and squid strips . Don’t forget if you use a squid strip , cut slices in the end so it looks like a tail fluttering in the water . Flathead will be in all the spots I have outlined in previous blog posts , bream will be amongst the moorings and the weed beds at palm beach flats .
Get out there and give it a go .



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