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Exotic fishing Thailand ,may 2017

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Our trip involved two different fishing spots . The first was up in the mountains fishing in a 10 acre lake surrounded by huge mountain cliffs . You could not get a better setting . Accommodation was great , as was the service . The anticipation of the fish , 60 different species and the biggest was about 150 kgs .

Day one the three of us had 8 rods out at the same time , some with small dead fish , some with chicken , some with live bait , some with a bread ball . Each bait was for different species . We fished from 8.30 am till 7 pm and there was a lot of hours of nothing happening .

So the end of the first day we caught only 5 fish , one 20 kg red tail catfish , one albino pacu , one razor cat fish , a smaller red tail catfish , and Jonathan caught a nice size aligator gar . See the photo for the teeth . Not great for the time we spent , but hopefully tomorrow is better .

Day two my goal was a big arapaima , and one of the others wanted a Chau Peraya , the fastest swimming fresh water fish , that fight like a kingie . I had the first luck at 9 am with a 20 kg Asian red tail catfish . A great fight , caught on bread ball . Then there was nothing until 1 pm when Jonathan caught his Chau peraya catfish . However it was only about 18 kg but it gave him a hell of a fight . We were finishing at 4 pm to leave for the town and time was running out . Then at 3 pm the arapaima hit the rod with the live bait and I was on. It took 10 or so minutes to get it in and see the photo . A great 80 kg arapaima , a prize , but they said there are bigger ones in the lake , twice the size . Anyway this saved the day for me.

The next day we were out ocean fishing with micro jigs and soft plastics . All I can tell you is that there are no fish left in the oceans around Thailand . All commercially fished out . We caught 3 small fish all day , and they take you to the fishing grounds 2 hours away .

If you are going fishing in Thailand , stick to the stocked lakes as they are much more fun and more reliable .

Enjoy the photos and the videos of the trip .


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Barramundi fisihing in Thailand .95 cm 11 kg.

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This huge 95 cm Barra weighing 11 kg was the biggest of all the fish we caught that day just outside of Bangkok . Total fish for the day between the two of us was 41 . Most of them were around 6.5 kg , some 5 kg some 8 to 9 kg . All on light gear , 2500 reel and 30 lb leader . We used only hard body lures , shallow running and the slower you worked the lure the more vicious the bite . All were released as the hooks had the barbs off . What a beauty . More info on the Thailand fishing soon .

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Day three Bangkok fishing – barramundi

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Last day fishing in Bangkok so we are returning to the barramundi farm to see if they will bite as well a second day . We only had 5 hours today as we needed to head to the airport at 3 pm . Within 10 minutes Barra were being hooked on our hard body lures and mostly lost . This continued for a couple of hours , one landed and two throwing the hooks back at us as they jumped and twisted out of the water . One fish hit the lure so hard it there back at us onto the bank .
After about 2 hours and 25 fish landed and released we decided to have some fun with poppers . I put on a small red and white popper and Jonathan put on a bigger red and white popper . The Barra went berserk over these poppers hitting them with huge books that sounded like thunder . See the video below . Cast after cast they hit the lures , many times missing the hook up but the fun was seeing them smash total tally of Barra caught and released today over the 5 hours was 81. The tally hooked and Lost would be nearly triple that .sll the fish were roughly the same size , around 6-7 kg . Photo gallery below . Enjoy the jumping Barra video . There will be more videos each day this week .
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