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Pittwater fishing HOT .10.5.17

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Fihsing in Pittwater is hot at the moment . Bream and small snapper are being caught everywhere , Flathead are on the chew , bonito and tailor are in schools , they seem to find you , even some mackerel . Small soapy jewies are about amongst the moorings but you have to fish the tides .

For all the locations of where to fish for your preferred species in Pittwater , see my past blogs . They will tell you the gear and where to find them .

For my fishing this weekend , I caught 3 jewies , 4 Flathead , one big tailor , one eel , one flounder . I wasn’t on the water much but more time would have caught a lot more . I was targeting jewies and all the rest were by catches. As usual , all were released except one Flathead .

This weekend , the moon is perfect , so I expect it to be as good again .

I am in Thailand fishing this weekend so I will post next week all the big fish we catch . flatheadpittwater flounder

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Jewie fishing on Anzac Day 2017.

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I headed out for a fish to target Jewies this morning . Everything was right , one day from the new moon , high tide at 7.10 am , and slightly overcast . Armed with my Flathead gear , 10 lb leader , 8 lb braid , 2500 reel , 2-6 kg rod . My go to lures , a soft plastic 5″ white jerk shad on a 1/4 oz jig head 3/0 hook size .

As I only had 2 hours before I had to go back , I decided to only fish amongst the moored boats in Pittwater . The technique was to cast out let it slowly drop to the bottom and rip rip to make the jerk shad look injured .

i started fishing at 6.15 am and for an hour and 10 minutes nothing ! Then just 15 minutes after high tide ,one hit a small soapie Jew 50 cm .

next cast another slightly bigger , then another on the next cast . Three in a row !. Over the 30 minutes till 8 am , I caught 6 small jewies , the biggest being 58 cm . Then as fast as they came on they stopped . Obviously a school of soapies appeared and went with the tide .

Then the pesky leather jackets appeared and ruined four soft plastics . I landed two in the boat hooked on the side . Even the live tailor I had out didn’t get a hit from anything .

The lesson is that if the tide and conditions are right you will get the fish , whether it be jewies , bream , Flathead or kingies .

Pittwater is fishing well . Have a look at the video of assorted shots of the various jewies .

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Squidding in Pittwater 23.4.17

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 Fishing in Pittwater is good at the moment . Water is clear and still warm . You can find plenty of squid . Just look for any weed beds with clear water and start throwing your squid jig around . They will find it . I caught 6 big squid including one giant yesterday . See the photo . They fed 9 of us for dinner with a thai chilli noodle dish . I am using a 2.5 g squid jig in the natural brown colour . It looks authentic in the water but I know the white ones and the pink ones also work in Pittwater . The squid are also in the deep so here I use a running sinker rig and a 1 metre trace from the swivel . You can also use a paternoster rig but I prefer the running sinker rig as you can make the jig dart around .

Flathead are also biting , look for the drop offs and at high tide the flats or shallow areas . Good around the jetties .

Jewfish are also around biting on plastics and live bait . I caught a school Jew yesterday and a small Flathead while moving around to see what was biting . 5″ soft plastics here with 1/4 oz and if in the deep 1/5 oz jig head on 3/0 or 5/0 hook .

I didn’t fish for bream but I know they are around as are rat kings .

The moon is good for fishing this week and weekend .

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Kingie on video 4.4.17

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Fishing in Pittwater late afternoon ,along comes a school of bait fish being harassed by kingies . One throw of the 5″ soft plastic jerk shad in white and a small kingie hits it and just never gives up . It is interesting to watch them underwater . If you are fishing this weekend , there is plenty around .

Bream are around amongst the moored boats and the weed beds .Flathead are there , hit the drop offs or side of headlands . Flats would also be worth a go . Keep an eye out for tailor , salmon and kingie schools . All are around . See previous posts for the gear to use .


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Jewfish in Pittwater video .

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Fishing this weekend is looking good . The rain has nearly gone and the moon is working it’s way to full . Here is a video of a nice jewie caught in Pittwater last weekend . Some good bream also and a rat kingie ate a 5″ soft plastic .

if you are fishing this weekend 8 th April , go for bream with light gear amongst the boats moored , flathead around the headlands and any drop offs , kingies will find you when you are fishing so be ready . There are squid around for live bait also as are tailor and salmon.

have a look at past articles for all the gear . 

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Pittwater fishing 25.3.17 .great catches

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Fishing Pittwater Saturday. The morning was still so I went after bream as it was high tide . Two nice bream in two hours plus plenty of small reds to keep me entertained . I was using 1000 reel , 6 lb leader , 4 lb braid and 2 kg rod . The jig head was 1/12 oz with 2.5″ gulp shrimp in new penny colour . I decided to fish deep , 6 -7 metres as the water was dirty from the rain .

I went out in the afternoon at 4.30 just to try for a jewfish . After about an hour with nothing I hooked this small Jewie which was exciting . Then along came a school of bait fish followed by some rat kings so I threw the 5 ” soft plastic at them and hooked up a rat kingside which gave me a lot of fight . That was the day . The last two were caught on a 5″ Berkeley gulp jerk shad in pearl white , 3/0 hook and 1/4 oz jig head . I fished in 10-12 metres water amongst the moored boats .enjoy the photos . Videos to come later . 

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Fishing Pittwater Sunday 24th Jan 2016

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fishing Pittwater this weekend saw the water temperature at fishing was slow but they are biting even with the full moon . There are plenty of squid in the system , many down deep . Also biting were flathead , squire, silver bream , leather jackets and tailor . We tried for some kingies with soft plastics and a live squid drifting but nothing hit . Another boat we spoke to were using live yakkas and squid strips and had nothing also .
The photo below shows Chris with a 30 cm reddie caught on a 5″ Berkeley jerk shad in the pink colour . He used a 3/0 hook and 1/4 oz jig head . He was fishing for flathead and kingies and this was his by catch .
Next weekend the moon is perfect so get out there and have a fish . It should be good .
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Fishing Pittwater weekend

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The fish are biting at the moment . In Pittwater there are bream amongst the moorings and on the flats at high tide . Also anywhere you can find weed and patches of sand . You will get the occasional by catch of flathead on your bream gear . If you want flathead go to the drop offs and bring your lures into the deep water along the drop offs . See previous blogs for the gear to use for bream and flathead and the techniques .
Trevally are around and they will turn up when you are fishing for bream and flathead . Bonito are also schooling so look for the birds but many times they will also hit you lures when you don’t expect it . Small baby snapper will keep you interested in between . They are there in large proportions .
Plenty of yakkas around if you want to live bait for kingies , but as of last week they were finicky and only hitting small strips of fresh squid . Try anyway .
Up the Hawkesbury , Jew fish are hitting soft plastics , work the slack tides . Also as a by catch you will get flathead , big bream , big baby snapper , tailor and the occasional whiting . Even the occasional puffer fish ! They are all biting but you have to be patient and persistent . Use your flathead gear with 15 lb leader , 1/2 oz jig head and 5″ jerk shads but if you have paddle tails use them . Let it sink to the bottom and then jig jig it back to the boat always getting back to the bottom .
Good luck , I am working so won’t be fishing this weekend .



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Fishing Pittwater for Jewfish (Video)

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Fishing Pittwater Sunday 19/6/16.

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Due to the rainy weather I decided to go after some bream this morning . My thinking was to fish deeper water amongst the moored boats as the fresh water was on the top so the bream would be down deeper . The morning was overcast with really light to no rain , and no wind .
I fished in water that was between 6 metres and 9 metres deep amongst the moored boats . The tide was high so I was fishing the beginning of the run out . In the first half an hour I had 3 fish in the boat , 2 nice baby snapper and one nice silver bream . All 30 cm . A couple of totters rounded off the bream .All released . Then just as I was working the 2″ shrimp up toward the boat , it was hit by what I thought was a trevally. On my light bream gear , 1-3 kg rod , 1000 reel and 4 lb braid , 6 lb leader , 2″ soft plastic Berkley shrimp , in new penny colour , 1/16 th oz jig head and # 2 hook , the fight was terrific . Time and time again the drag went screaming and all I could do was hold on . It took about 5 minutes of this before I saw a nice rat kingie come close to the surface . Eventually it was in the net and measured 60 cm . Back it went to harrass some other fish . One nice flounder finished the 2 hour session , before the rain came in and I went home .
The water temperature is 17 degrees and the bream are very touchy . I found that you need to work the soft plastic very slowly . Use a light jig head and let it fall slowly to the bottom . Once it is there work it gently and leave it sitting on the bottom for a lot longer , 3 to 5 seconds . When you work it do it gently as if the shrimp it just darting away and falling . Slower the better . A lot of the time they are hitting it on the drop near the bottom.
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