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Fishing Lake Macquarie for Flathead

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Weather is good angain today so out we went with three of us chasing more flathead . Today we wanted a few to feed all the family tonight , 9 of us , so the goal was 5 edible flathead . No sooner had we reached the channel , as this is where we wanted to fish today , did Adam hook a 54 cm flattie . One in the boat ! . A run out tide for two hours before low so we thought we would be in with a chance of 5 . For the next hour , nothing so we went to a new channel to fish the final hour before low tide . Same gear as yesterday . Suddenly we hit a patch and three came in the boat quickly . Then it went quiet until the turn of the tide and another 3 came in . So we had 7 so two can go back and we kept 5 for dinner .
The others wanted to go for a fish so we had caught two squid on the soft plastics so we thought let’s have a calamari entree for dinner . So off 4 of us went squidding . We were right , they were around now and we went home after an hour and a half with 20 squid . That was enough for a Thai calamari noodle dish entree before the fish and salad . Can’t get fresher seafood than that .


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Fishing Pittwater Australia Day (Jewfish & Snapper)

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Had the opportunity to go out for a couple of hours this afternoon , mainly to fuel the boat for tomorrow , but who can pass up a fish when on the wind was blowing and I had half an hour before low tide so I thought I would fish a 5″ soft plastic for a jewie . Give it an hour I said to myself . Just on dead low I hooked a nice school Jewish in Pittwater . It was amongst the boats in some deep water . No other bites at all . So off I went to get out of the wind . I drifted the northern side of Scotland island and I hooked the biggest whiting I have seen in Pittwater . It was 43 cm . I counted it even though I hooked it in the belly . Then I hooked a small baby snapper on the 5″ soft plastic as I drifted over a drop off . Not a bad two hours fishing ! There is a video on each of the catches below . All fish were released . There are plenty of fish at the moment . Flathead , bream , snapper , kingies, etc . Use my tips and you will catch them in Pittwater .

fishing bream pittwater

fishing whiting pittwater

fishing whiting pittwater

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How to fish the channels for Flathead

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find a channel where the water is running fast or faster than everywhere else . Flathead will be sitting on the bottom facing the tide . They do this because they are waiting for bait fish to swim down with the current so they can ambush them .

Position your boat at the top of the channel and drift down with the tide . Cast your lure up stream so it comes towards you with the current . The jig head will fall to the bottom and you give it two or three rips , then let it drop down to the bottom again , then do it again . This is using your lure fast and it gets to the boat quickly . Once it is at the boat , do it again up steam ,let it hit the bottom and rip rip , sink to the bottom , rip rip again . Continue till it gets to the boat again. After every rip wind in the slack line so you can rip it properly . That’s how the jig gets back to you. With practice it will get natural . Don’t think it is too fast for a flathead , it’s not !. No bait fish will stop and let them grab a feed . They have to nail what is Comong past . When they hit they hit hard and it’ on . Take your time and play the flathead , if you keep the line tight they won’t let go or get off.
You can fish a channel anytime , at high tide concentrate on the banks of the channel because they are waiting for bait fish to come off the shallows , at low tide concentrate in the middle of the channel , and deeper areas as they will be waiting for the fish coming down the middle with the tide.
If you can find shallow channels at 4-8 ft , 2-3 metres , you will have fun . Deeper channels , give the jig time to get to the bottom then rip it .In deeper channels or when you are staring off , you can use a 3/8oz jig head so you know it is getting to the bottom .This is fast fishing and very exciting.
Sometimes you have to adjust for the wind but you will get the hang of it on your drifting .
Good luck , let us all know how you go .
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What fish to catch and where to catch them

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At the moment I am talking flathead , but we will talk bream , snapper , kingfish , jewfish ,tailor salmon ,and many others as we go . Also micro jigging, soft plastics , hard body , trolling , popping , deep water jigging , vibes , sometimes live bait , but never never smelly old bait or dead bait !

let me knew your success stories also , but make sure you include , rod , reel , line weight , leader , jig sizes , hook sizes and lure .
this way we will all learn .

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Fishing at Lake Macquarie (85 Flathead,126 Squid and more)

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over the last 18 days I have been fishing in Lake Macquarie,Swansea , target was to catch as many flathead and squid as I could manage . The results , 85 flathead , 126 squid , 5 mud crabs , and 9 blue swimmers . Plus bream , whiting , tailor as by catches .alos I couldn’t fish everyday due to weather and wife .
Most of the fishing was done around the marks point drop over and the various flats and channels from the old marina site where the coast guard or maritime live .
I have told you what gear I used previously , so I will concentrate on where and when and what . My rules are that any flathead under 40 cm gets released , and any over 58 cm gets released . The best eating are the ones between 40 cm and 55 cm . Also the ones over 55 cm are female and are the breeders so you want to let them go . Males only grow to about 55 cm .
Whilst plenty of times they were hard to catch , there were a lot between 60 cm and 72 cm ,sometimes to the point where I would catch 5 flathead and have to throw back 3 due to being too big . My biggest for the trip was 78 cm Don’t forget , my gear is only 10 lb leader and 6 lb braid .Not one fish wore through the leader and was lost . The reel was a 2500 and the rod a 2-4 kg 6’6″” .
I actually caught one 70 cm flathead on my bream gear , 1000 reel, 1-3 kg rod 6 lb leader , 4 lb braid , with a # 2 small hook . Shows you fish light and have fun playing them.
Where did I fish ? I always drift , never use the anchor . I think you have to find them . Don’t wait for them to come to you , they may never come .I fished the channels where the tide was running fast , the flats when the tide was right , and sandy bottoms where there were weed patches scattered around it . I didn’t need to go anywhere else . I fished all tides , but different spots depending on the tides . In future blogs , I will explain each area in more detail of how and when and with what .Below is Byran with his 40 cm bream from the lake .

john’s 72 cm flathead .a beatuful fish . I taught John my methods with soft plastics last year . Now he catches flatties all the time in the lake , whenever he needs a feed .

Don’t worry about the weather either , many of my best catches was in the rain and wind . Jus work with the wind and current in your drift .
In my opinion , anchoring is a waste if time if you want to catch a lot of fish . Hunt them down , it is much more fun and the time goes more quickly .

the 78 cm flathead . I was alone so the photo was the best I could do quickly before releasing him .
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Squidding and Fishing for Flathead at Lake Macquarie

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took the three teenagers for a one hour fish . One 48 cm flathead and 14 squid. Had the lot for dinner with 8 of us . Not a bad catch.
All caught at the drop over at the end of the channel opposite marks point headland . Squid jig was rigged to get to 17 ft , or 6 metres. My preferred rig is running sinker to a swivel and then a 1 1/2 metre leader , 10 lb strength . Let it hit the bottom , reel up a metre and rip the sinker upwards like a soft plastic jig . Just let it sink again so the line is tight and rip again. Just move the jig constantly and they will find it . Over the last 18 days , we caught 126 squid using this method .
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3 Steps to Fighting a flathead properly (Video)

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There are 4 things you should do to make sure your flathead does not get away .
1. When you have the fish on give the rod a couple of rips to make sure the hook is set . Flathead will hold the lure and if it is not set will spit it out .
2. Keep the line tight so there is no slack at any time .Otherwise they could spit the lure out .
3. The fish will have one more run when it sees the boat or you. Let it run , if your drag is light it is fun to see them run . Take your time and have fun playing the fish . You won’t lose the fish doing this .
4. Don’t let the fish break the water as it will shake its head and can throw the lure here. Use your rod to swim the fish back and forward next to the boat under the water . This will tire the fish out and you can then use the rod and momentum to swim him straight into the net .
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Fishing Pittwater Sunday 24th Jan 2016

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fishing Pittwater this weekend saw the water temperature at fishing was slow but they are biting even with the full moon . There are plenty of squid in the system , many down deep . Also biting were flathead , squire, silver bream , leather jackets and tailor . We tried for some kingies with soft plastics and a live squid drifting but nothing hit . Another boat we spoke to were using live yakkas and squid strips and had nothing also .
The photo below shows Chris with a 30 cm reddie caught on a 5″ Berkeley jerk shad in the pink colour . He used a 3/0 hook and 1/4 oz jig head . He was fishing for flathead and kingies and this was his by catch .
Next weekend the moon is perfect so get out there and have a fish . It should be good .
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Fishing Pittwater (Snapper, Squire and more)

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Fishing in Pittwater Friday afternoon

I went out for a fish this afternoon in Pittwater for 2 hours .Raining , thunderstorms but no wind . My aim was bream . The result ,about 10 squire ( baby reddies ) around 21-22 cm and one lovely 34.5 cm baby snapper . It was the end of the low tide , so the beginning of the run in . Where will the fish be ? In the deeper water . So I looked for a drop off from shallow to deeper . The place I found was going from 8 ft to 20 ft on a gradual decline . Perfect . So I decided to use a heavier lure , a soft vibe . This looks like a fish but is soft plastic with two sets of trebles . It gets to the bottom faster . All you do is raise the rod slowly and it vibrates . You can feel it on the rod as you bring it up. Then drop it down again to the bottom . Just raise it slowly upwards to maximum one metre then let it drop again. Reel in the slack line and do it again till it gets to the boat . One squire first cast and another two in short nothing for 10-15 minutes . So I moved spots and changed lures to the 2″ prawn ( see photo below ) and a one twelfth oz jig head . ( see photo below ) . Again first cast a baby reddie, and three or four more before the big one hit . With the light line the drag went off and it was great fun for about a minute before it got to the boat. See the photo below . Not the fish I caught but an exact copy caught a while a go . Then a few more small ones and it went quiet again . The spot was in amongst the moored boats . Nothing special .Time to move again . A couple more on the new spot then nothing . As it was still raining , time to go home . The moral here is , if the fish stop biting , move to a new spot or change your lure or do both . Don’t give a spot more than 10 or 15 minutes . If it is not working it won’t .
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Fishing the Hawkesbury River

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Went out with Ron Osman from Hawkesbury fishing charters with 3 friends . Boy , you learn more in 6 hours with Ron than you do on your own in a year . Pick up at 6 am , the wind was 30 – 35 knots , but this didn’t stop us . First , catch some love yakkas and live squid .Down with the berley and the yakkas come but won’t bite . We caught 6 or 7 and then went after squid . Look for the weed and close to the jetties and wharves . Ron’s tricks for live bait is to have someone on the sabiki jigs and someone on a hand line with one hook and some bait on it . No weight on the hand line . For the squid he says no bigger squid jig than 1.8g or 2 g as the water is not that deep . If you go to the deep put a sinker on, either running , or a paternoster rig . No kingies today but plenty of tailor and quite big ones . One flathead as a by catch . For the tailor Ron uses a small silver spinner that looks like the white bait they are feeding on . Nearly every cast a tailor was hooked . Just cast it out and reel it back fast .
For the kingies Ron uses 65 lb braid and 80 lb leader as most of the kingies get caught amongst the boats and you need to tame them .
If you want to learn quickly where and how to fish go out with Ron , you won’t regret it ! And don’t forget to keep reading my blog !.
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