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7 Flathead haul in Lake Macquarie

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went out at 7 am to chase flathead . Run out tide for two hours to low and then short time for the run up . Two of us and we caught 7 nice flathead . See the photo below . They were kept in my live bait tank so we could photograph them and then 5 let go , toe for dinner .we used 5″ Berkley gulp jerk shads , one in pearl white and one in pilchard colour . 3/0 hook on 3/8 oz jig head , 10 lb leader , Shimano Stella 2500 reel and ci4 2500 reel . My rod I used was a daiwa 2-4 kg slightly stiffer .we fished the running water channels , two different ones as both were slow at first . See yesterday’s for the photo.
At high tide around 1 pm I went out to the flats for an hour . Only 2′-3′ deep . I used my bream gear , 1000 reel , 6 lb leader , 1/12 jig head on # 2 hook . I used the Berkley gulp crabby in camo colour . Result , one nice flathead around 44 cm and one bust off .
Fish light on the flats , it is much more successful .
The afternoon we went back to the channels to fish a run out tide from the top of the tide ,to see the difference . We bagged and released another 4 flathead in 2 hours fishing . Same gear as above . Not a bad day, 12 flathead , 2 kept and the rest released .
The technique works , get out and give it a try . It works wherever there is current and in rivers and estuaries . Winter is coming and so is the cold water , the flathead will move and the big ones probably will be sitting in the deep .
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Catching Jewfish Hawkesbury River

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Last blog I promised to tell you of my adventure into the Hawkesbury river fishing for jewfish . We started out this morning at 6.30 am to get to the first spot by 7.30 am , Half an hour from slack tide . We arrived there to see our friends got here first , so we went to the second spot . Our gear was a flathead rod , 10 lb braid , 17 lb leader , 2500 reel , 1/2 oz jig heads , and 5″ soft plastics . Chris was using the new Boom baits softies , in avocado or motor oil . He switched between them . I was using Z man diesel minnows in the black and silver . I had the two glow beads on my rig . See previous blogs for why and how . We were fishing in 14 – 20 metres of water mostly . By 8 am , Chris had the first Jewie in the boat only a small soapie around 60 cm . He then was broken off by a big one and I lost a smaller one also . Next we both caught a flathead each , nice size for eating so they went in the live bait tank to keep them fresh .
Off to the next spot up the river , nothing ! Off to the next spot , I though I hooked a beaut Jewie but it came in as a trophy silver bream over 40 cm and fat ! Same spot , I thought I has another Jewie but it was a beatuful 64 cm flathead .
Off to the next spot , up the river , I miss one , it failed to hook up . Chris then hooks a beauty , 84 cm of big fat jewfish . What a beauty . That was on the motor oil colour . Ans that was the end of the trip ss the river was running too hard .7.30 am till 11 am fishing , not a bad morning . All the fish are still swimming for someone else to catch except the two flathead at the beginning .
So the summary , one day before the full moon , excellent . Try to fish around the full moons and the new moons . Use the gear above , it is plenty for the big ones . Get out there and find the deeper spots , they are everywhere , and drift . You will get them .



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Fishing Pittwater weekend

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The fish are biting at the moment . In Pittwater there are bream amongst the moorings and on the flats at high tide . Also anywhere you can find weed and patches of sand . You will get the occasional by catch of flathead on your bream gear . If you want flathead go to the drop offs and bring your lures into the deep water along the drop offs . See previous blogs for the gear to use for bream and flathead and the techniques .
Trevally are around and they will turn up when you are fishing for bream and flathead . Bonito are also schooling so look for the birds but many times they will also hit you lures when you don’t expect it . Small baby snapper will keep you interested in between . They are there in large proportions .
Plenty of yakkas around if you want to live bait for kingies , but as of last week they were finicky and only hitting small strips of fresh squid . Try anyway .
Up the Hawkesbury , Jew fish are hitting soft plastics , work the slack tides . Also as a by catch you will get flathead , big bream , big baby snapper , tailor and the occasional whiting . Even the occasional puffer fish ! They are all biting but you have to be patient and persistent . Use your flathead gear with 15 lb leader , 1/2 oz jig head and 5″ jerk shads but if you have paddle tails use them . Let it sink to the bottom and then jig jig it back to the boat always getting back to the bottom .
Good luck , I am working so won’t be fishing this weekend .



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Bream fishing spots part : the Moorings

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Regularly catching big bream is hard on lures but if you get good at it , you have the best fun on light gear .
All of the bream in the photos below were caught in Pittwater so where do we find them ?
The easiest spot to start is amongst the boat moorings . This is home as structure to hide is plentiful with all the mooring ropes and boats . You will fish in depths from 10 ft to 25 ft so I will explain it below . It’s best to use soft plastics , vibes or micro jigs in these depths but you can also use hard bodies under the boat hulls .
​ The trick is to cast as close to the moored boat as possible and let the lure sink to the bottom . Choose the boats with the dirtiest hulls with growth all over it , this is what the fish prefer .
With the fish , the small reddies will keep you entertained as they are plentiful and will hit your lures non stop . Eventually a big baby snapper will hit your lure as will a nice big silver bream from 25 to 40 cm . All these fish fight hard on light gear . Don’t be surprised if a rat King hits your lure or a trevally or salmon or tailor or a big flathead .Anything can happen amongst the moorings .

ANCHOR – if it is too windy or you haven’t got an electric engine ,you can tie up to a spare mooring and throw soft plastics around . Once you have worked the area , move to the next spare mooring and do the same thing .
DRIFT- if you can drift amongst the moored boats , you cover more ground which means more opportunity . If you don’t have and electric engine and the wind is light just drift and push your boat off the moored ones and keep fishing . You will be amazed at how often your boat misses the moored ones . Drifting is my preferred way .
GEAR – For the rod , a 1-2 kg or 2-4 kg rod 6’6″ long are really good . Any brand . The Reel I like is Stella 1000 but any brand is good but use the 1000 size as this gives you more fun . It also casts the light lures better .The drag is lighter and the fish can pull the drag which gives you more of a fight . If you only have a 2500 reel , this is still ok , it is the leader that is important then.
LINE – I use 6 lb braid as it can handle bigger fish if they hit . The leader I use is 6 lb here but if the bite is slow I will go down to 4 lb and hang on ! The leader should be at least 2 metres in length up to 3 metres as this is what the fish see .
LURES- I start with soft plastics . A 1/12 th jig head on a #2 hook , I like the TT lures hooks and the nitro from Berkley . I start with a Berkley shrimp in 2″ size , new penny colour or peppered prawn colour . If nothing I go to the 2″ Berkley camo worm . If the fishing is slow I go down to a 1/16 th jig head size in #2 hook as it floats down slower in the water column .sometimes I will go down to a #4 hook with the 1/16 th jig head if I am not getting any bigger ones . One mate prefers the 3″ jerk shads in pumpkinseed or watermelon etc. it’s just what you feel confident in . Technique here is to cast under the boat , let it sink to the bottom slowly ( many times they hit on the drop ) , leave it there for a few seconds , then give it a gentle rip with the tip of the rod so the lure looks like it is alive , then let it drop again to the bottom , reel in the slack line and repeat till the lure is back to the boat . Always cast with the drift so the boat is going towards the lure if possible . With the camo worm , I leave it on the bottom for longer as it looks like a worm trying to dig into the bottom and the bream just suck it in . Let it sit for longer like bait then give it gentle lifts and drops .
VIBES- if you like vibes then these are another easy way to get the bream . They sink faster and cast longer and are easy to work . Just let it sink to the bottom , then lift your rod up slowly for a metre , you will feel the vibration of the lure as it comes up , then let it drop to the bottom again , reel in the slack line and repeat until the lure is back to the boat . The small vibes are best with the bream .
MICRO JIGS – if you are into micro jigs , bream like the 7 g and 12 g storm micro jigs . Easy to work and they cast very far . So cast out close to the moored boat , let it sink to the bottom , sit for a few seconds , then rip rip rip , three times and let it sink to the bottom again . Reel in the slack line , let it sit for a few seconds , then repeat the rip, rip rip . It sounds crazy for bream but I tell you it works . I have caught heaps this way and the by catch is flathead .

Try all th above techniques , you will get better at bream fishing and that will open up a new world of fun for you on the hardest fish to catch . I also let all the silver bream go as they grow very slowly and a big one is 20 years old . The amount of flesh you get is not worth killing it . Go for flathead if you want a feed . I have written plenty of past blogs on how to catch them . They are easy .
​good fishing !



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The secret to Fishing in Winter – Go light on the tackle

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When the water starts to get colder the fish we hunt in summer get lazy and harder to catch . But with all fishing you will catch more fish and bigger fish the lighter your tackle is .
FLATEAD – you can land any flathead on 6 lb braid , 8 lb or 10 lb leader . 2500 reel , 2-4 kg rod . More bites , more catches and even big ones . 5″ soft plastics , even 2″ shrimps depending on where you are fishing . See previous blogs for this info .
BREAM – the big ones are tricky so the lighter you go the more chance you have . 4 lb or 6 lb braid is ok , it’s the leader that is important . 6 lb maximum and go down to 4 lb or even 3 lb if they are not biting . I find 4 lb or 6 lb ok . 1000 reel and 2-4 kg rod is ok , but 1-3 kg rod is also very good and a lot of fun . You need to play these fish but that is the fun .
JEWFISH – this is fun on light gear . 2500 reel , 8 lb to 10 lb braid , 17 lb leader . It’s the leader that is important . You can go to 20 but lighter is better . You may lose one or two but you will hook and catch a lot more .
KINGFISH – the really big ones will smash you but to catch quantity lighter is better . I use PE 2-4 rod mostly with live bait , braid is 20 lb and the leader is 30 lb .and a 3-5 kg rod with soft plastics . Braid is 1O or 15 lb and leader 20 lb . Many times I catch a rat kingie on my flathead gear and the fight is terrific .
TAILOR – when I fish for tailor I use my flathead gear but up the leader to 15 lb . But they are still ok on your 10 lb leader and they won’t bite you off as much if you have a hard body lure , stick bait or metal spinner with the hooks at the back .
SALMON – these guys come in schools in winter and are the best fun on light gear . Use either your flathead gear and if you really want some fun use your bream gear with 3″ soft plastics in clear or white colour to imitate a white bait . You won’t believe how good it is .
WHITING – just use your bream gear and adjust the lures .
SQUID – plenty around in winter . Use your bream gear for fun or flathead gear if they are bigger .LEADER – in all the above scenarios , the length of leader is important . I use at least the length of the rod but usually a little more than 2 metres so I can change lures and still have a long leader for the day .
remember – lighter is better so if it is slow , go down to lighter line especially the leader . You will catch more especially using soft plastics , vibes or jigs . Even with live bait , lighter is better .
​ I hope this helps , have fun !

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Fishing Vanuatu Day 4 – Dogtooth Tuna, Yellowfin Tuna and Giant Trevally

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Our last day at the fishing lodge, so one boat went after yellowfin , the other after dogtooth tuna . At the fad it wasn’t even 5 minutes before we had live skipjack for bait . Then within 10 minutes Andy was fighting a big yellowfin in very choppy seas . In it came at 35 kg .a great start. More live bait and two misses with more yellowfin that failed to get hooked . Now we were having a hard time catching skipjack as the baby 2 kg -3 kg yellowfin we grabbing the bait rigs . Over the day we caught over 50 of these baby yellowfin amongst the skipjacks. Next it was Scott hooked up to a nice yellowfin . This one slightly smaller at 30 kg . Three more times the live baits were hit and failed to hook up which was frustrating . Then 15 minutes from finishing Chris hooked a beauty . This fish was not going to give up . The fight went for 49 minutes with the skipper saying this yellowfin was 50 kg plus . Just as the fish got to the 30 metre mark from the boat the hooks pulled . That’s fishing! Whilst we were catching the bait Matt hooked and landed a 10 kg yellowfin on the bait rod . This was a great fight and a terrific catch .
​Tally for the day was 3 big yellowfin , one lost and 5 misses . Not a bad day .
The other boat had a day jigging for doggies and came up with two nice ones , one 20 kg , with plenty of bust offs , and an assortment of other nice fish ..
Still the doggies beat us on the whole and we just have to go back and do battle again in the future .
The big 30 kg GT in the photo below was caught out the front of the lodge just on dusk with a 2 kg dead yellowfin for bait .



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Day 3 at trees and fishes vanuatu

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Today we went after anything that swam . Both boats were after yellowfin from the start and we had live bait in no time at the fads .
Hooking a big one was tough but after an hour our boat went to the next fad . Once we had live bait we had a yellow fin on a rod in no time . A great fish was boated at 40 kg . Photo below . It was on a heavy rod PE 10′ with 100 lb braid and 200 lb leader . . A great fish . More live baits were caught butt three were all hooked and lost . Then Adam Hooked a beauty , a terrific fight but when it came into the boat it was a 6’3″ bronze whaler shark . I will post the video later . After that nothing . The other boat had a great day . They hooked 3 or 4 yellowfin on live bait , then one bait hooked a Marlin which went berserk .
It took two hours to get in to the boat . The rod was PE 6-8 and the line 100 lb braid with 200 lb leader . The fight was relentless and once they got it to the boat it was get the leader and then let it go . 150 kg Marlin , what a beauty !!. Can’t do better than that !
I will try to get a video of it for you . Dinner was the usual 3 courses but on top of that was dog tooth shashimi and oysters . See the photos below . I can’t describe meals but they were all delicious !



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Fishing Vanuatu: Yellowfin Tuna

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Day one of a four day fishing trip at the Trees and Fishes resort . What a day ! Went out to the fad for yellowfin at 9 am , arrived there at 9.30 am and by 9.45 the first 25 kg yellowfin was in the boat after one bigger than that was lost . It was caught on a 12 inch or 30 cm popper casting . By 10 am a second one was in the boat 30 kg caught on a 7″ z man soft plastic in white colour . This fought well as it was on a Stella 20,000 reel , 100 lb braid and 170 lb leader . The jig head was 3 oz tt lure .The rod was a PE 6-8 .
This kept going all morning into the early afternoon . Lunch was kept being put off as the fish were all around us . By the time we had lunch at 1.30 pm we had a tally of 7 yellowfin tuna , not one below 25 kg . Plus we had one big wahoo , caught on a jig only 60 g , and several small fish 3-4 kg for live bait . The big loss of the day was a huge yellowfin right at the boat , maybe more than 50 kg , caught on a big live bait on a downrigger at 60 metres deep . It was just 10 metres below the boat when the hooks pulled . Then there was this huge wahoo caught on a jig , only 60 g jig but on a PE 6-8 rod and 170 lb leader . A great fish . One of the great experiences was a double hook up on the yellowfin , both on poppers casting , mayhem on the boat but very exciting . The rest of the afternoon 2 hours we went after dog tooth tuna , jigging up to 100 meters deep . This produced nothing except a ramora .
The other boat has a similar day but the prize went to Andrew who managed to reel in w 61 kg yellowfin from a live bait right at the end of the day . This photo will follow when I can get it .
Tomorrow off to a place that has big doggies . I will let you know what happened . In the meantime enjoy the photos below .



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Pittwater fishing  16 th 17 th July 2016.

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Perfect weather for fishing this weekend . Flathead are biting , so are bream , tailor , salmon , trevally . We went out to meet the low tide of 11.30 am for flathead first and then go after some jewfish . So we targeted the drop offs casting soft plastics onto the shallows and bringing the lure down the drop off to the deeper bottom . We were using 2500 reel , 2-4 kg rod , 15 lb leader as we might get a Jewie as a side catch . Also 1/2 oz jig head and 5 ” soft plastic on 5/0 hook . This is big for flathead but we were hoping for a Jewie or two to come along . We fished the last hour of the run out tide , the slack tide and 2 hours of the run in tide . The result was three flathead , two nice ones for the dinner table and one 60 cm beauty that was released . See the video of the 60 cm flattie . Three other flathead were hooked and lost . That’s life .
The by catch was also great . Two nice jewfish , one on a soft plastic , the ones used for the flathead , and one on a live bait , a yakka . See the video . The water was not so clear so the underwater shots are a little merky .
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