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Fishing Pittwater – Bonito and Bream

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Plenty of fish in Pittwater this weekend . Big silver bream are around the moorings . The bonito have arrived and they are fun on your bream gear , trevally are roaming around amongst the moorings and jetties , anywhere there is structure . Kingies are there but they are just not biting . I have live yakkas out and worked soft plastics but they just were not interested . Others were saying that they are biting on short strips of fresh squid . Tailor and salmon are yet to arrive but there is plenty of fish around .
i caught the bonito on my bream gear , 2″ Berkley shrimp , new penny colour , and the fight was terrific , all around the boat . Bream I caught were also on the shrimp new penny colour .
​i have found that the best way this weekend was to go light , 1/16 th jig head weight and fish in 5-7 metres of water and let it slowly drift down to the bottom . Most of the bream I caught hit the soft plastic on the drop half way or 3/4 way down . Be patient , they will hit it . The bonito hit it on the way up when I was slowly jigging the lure up to the surface .



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Fishing Pittwater – Bream and moorings

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Low tide was 3 pm so I went out at 2 pm till just after 4 pm to test the low tide fishing for bream amongst the moored boats . Again it was rainy and windy . Using bream gear and a Berkley camo 2.5″ crabby soft plastic , I had two fish in the boat in half an hour . One reddie at 30 cm and one big thumper silver bream at 34 cm and fat ! Over the session I caught two more good fish on the new penny shrimp ,both slightly smaller than the big one but all of them are fat as they seem to be spawning now . With another 3 or 4 small reddies , it proved that you can fish any tide in amongst the moorings , as long as you drift and move around to find where they are holding . I used the #2 hook with 1/16 th jig head , TT lures hooks . Again I fished in 5-7 metres of water and drifted amongst the boats . As you can see from the photos the weather was very changeable .
Autumn and winter are great times for bream as they come up to breed . They are fat , hungry and in schools a lot . So you just have to be patient with your lure , it will get smashed if you keep working it . I think in winter you should slow the action down a lot , use lighter jig heads so it floats down more slowly and let it sit on the bottom longer like a bait and when you move it twitch it gently .
​ The fish are there so give it a go .



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Fishing Pittwater Friday 22/4/16 .

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After posting on my blog , fishing for bream part one tips , I thought it best to do what I explained and show you the results . I went out for two hours in the afternoon from 3 pm till 5 pm . I fished amongst the moored boats moving around with the electric motor to find the fish . I just chose moorings that got me out of the wind , no where in particular . I used 1000 Stella reel , 1-2 kg rod , 6 lb leader and # 2 hook on 1/16 th oz jig head . The soft plastic was 2.5 ” Berkley crabby in camo colour . I was fishing in 5-7 metres of water .i simply cast out the way I was drifting ans let it sink slowly to the bottom and then light twitches to make it look alive . Two of the three fish hit the lure on the drop .Virtually within 5 minutes I had a 32 cm baby snapper in the boat . Half an hour later as nice 35 cm thumper silver bream . During the next hour I was bitten off , then I lost another thumper bream , then hooked and landed a nice long Tom . Just before I left to go home , another nice reddie at 32 cm . This is what I suspect bit me off previously . Also 3 or 4 small reddies . So not a bad two hours . I didn’t have my camera but the photos below of past catches are similar in size . Tomorrow I will go out again and fish the same way in different spots to show that anywhere amongst the moorings is good . Stay tuned .



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Fishing Pittwater for Bream

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Last blog I said I would try my tips again in different places where there are moored boats . As the wind was howling and it was raining on and off , we had to get out of the wind so we found moored boats in shelter . Never fished this area before . I used normal bream gear ( see other blogs ) , and the 2″ Berkley shrimp in new penny colour . Greg used a 3″ Berkley gulp jerk shad in pumpkin seed and also the new penny shrimp . As you can see from the photos below we caught 7 nice fish ( all bream and reddies get released in my boat , no matter how big ) the four baby snapper were all around 30 -32 cm and fat . The silver bream were between 33 and 35 cm . Great fights on light gear . We were fishing in depths of 5 metres to 7 metres so you had to be patient waiting for the soft plastic to get to the bottom . Nearly all of them were caught when it was dropping . Together with about another 6 smaller reddies it was a terrific 3 hour morning . The tide was rising to high at 9 am so we had 2 hours of the final run up and one hour of the run out .
I will go out this afternoon for two hours to fish the last of the run out and first of the run in to tell you if this tide is ok or not .



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Bream fishing spots part : the Moorings

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Regularly catching big bream is hard on lures but if you get good at it , you have the best fun on light gear .
All of the bream in the photos below were caught in Pittwater so where do we find them ?
The easiest spot to start is amongst the boat moorings . This is home as structure to hide is plentiful with all the mooring ropes and boats . You will fish in depths from 10 ft to 25 ft so I will explain it below . It’s best to use soft plastics , vibes or micro jigs in these depths but you can also use hard bodies under the boat hulls .
​ The trick is to cast as close to the moored boat as possible and let the lure sink to the bottom . Choose the boats with the dirtiest hulls with growth all over it , this is what the fish prefer .
With the fish , the small reddies will keep you entertained as they are plentiful and will hit your lures non stop . Eventually a big baby snapper will hit your lure as will a nice big silver bream from 25 to 40 cm . All these fish fight hard on light gear . Don’t be surprised if a rat King hits your lure or a trevally or salmon or tailor or a big flathead .Anything can happen amongst the moorings .

ANCHOR – if it is too windy or you haven’t got an electric engine ,you can tie up to a spare mooring and throw soft plastics around . Once you have worked the area , move to the next spare mooring and do the same thing .
DRIFT- if you can drift amongst the moored boats , you cover more ground which means more opportunity . If you don’t have and electric engine and the wind is light just drift and push your boat off the moored ones and keep fishing . You will be amazed at how often your boat misses the moored ones . Drifting is my preferred way .
GEAR – For the rod , a 1-2 kg or 2-4 kg rod 6’6″ long are really good . Any brand . The Reel I like is Stella 1000 but any brand is good but use the 1000 size as this gives you more fun . It also casts the light lures better .The drag is lighter and the fish can pull the drag which gives you more of a fight . If you only have a 2500 reel , this is still ok , it is the leader that is important then.
LINE – I use 6 lb braid as it can handle bigger fish if they hit . The leader I use is 6 lb here but if the bite is slow I will go down to 4 lb and hang on ! The leader should be at least 2 metres in length up to 3 metres as this is what the fish see .
LURES- I start with soft plastics . A 1/12 th jig head on a #2 hook , I like the TT lures hooks and the nitro from Berkley . I start with a Berkley shrimp in 2″ size , new penny colour or peppered prawn colour . If nothing I go to the 2″ Berkley camo worm . If the fishing is slow I go down to a 1/16 th jig head size in #2 hook as it floats down slower in the water column .sometimes I will go down to a #4 hook with the 1/16 th jig head if I am not getting any bigger ones . One mate prefers the 3″ jerk shads in pumpkinseed or watermelon etc. it’s just what you feel confident in . Technique here is to cast under the boat , let it sink to the bottom slowly ( many times they hit on the drop ) , leave it there for a few seconds , then give it a gentle rip with the tip of the rod so the lure looks like it is alive , then let it drop again to the bottom , reel in the slack line and repeat till the lure is back to the boat . Always cast with the drift so the boat is going towards the lure if possible . With the camo worm , I leave it on the bottom for longer as it looks like a worm trying to dig into the bottom and the bream just suck it in . Let it sit for longer like bait then give it gentle lifts and drops .
VIBES- if you like vibes then these are another easy way to get the bream . They sink faster and cast longer and are easy to work . Just let it sink to the bottom , then lift your rod up slowly for a metre , you will feel the vibration of the lure as it comes up , then let it drop to the bottom again , reel in the slack line and repeat until the lure is back to the boat . The small vibes are best with the bream .
MICRO JIGS – if you are into micro jigs , bream like the 7 g and 12 g storm micro jigs . Easy to work and they cast very far . So cast out close to the moored boat , let it sink to the bottom , sit for a few seconds , then rip rip rip , three times and let it sink to the bottom again . Reel in the slack line , let it sit for a few seconds , then repeat the rip, rip rip . It sounds crazy for bream but I tell you it works . I have caught heaps this way and the by catch is flathead .

Try all th above techniques , you will get better at bream fishing and that will open up a new world of fun for you on the hardest fish to catch . I also let all the silver bream go as they grow very slowly and a big one is 20 years old . The amount of flesh you get is not worth killing it . Go for flathead if you want a feed . I have written plenty of past blogs on how to catch them . They are easy .
​good fishing !



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The secret to Fishing in Winter – Go light on the tackle

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When the water starts to get colder the fish we hunt in summer get lazy and harder to catch . But with all fishing you will catch more fish and bigger fish the lighter your tackle is .
FLATEAD – you can land any flathead on 6 lb braid , 8 lb or 10 lb leader . 2500 reel , 2-4 kg rod . More bites , more catches and even big ones . 5″ soft plastics , even 2″ shrimps depending on where you are fishing . See previous blogs for this info .
BREAM – the big ones are tricky so the lighter you go the more chance you have . 4 lb or 6 lb braid is ok , it’s the leader that is important . 6 lb maximum and go down to 4 lb or even 3 lb if they are not biting . I find 4 lb or 6 lb ok . 1000 reel and 2-4 kg rod is ok , but 1-3 kg rod is also very good and a lot of fun . You need to play these fish but that is the fun .
JEWFISH – this is fun on light gear . 2500 reel , 8 lb to 10 lb braid , 17 lb leader . It’s the leader that is important . You can go to 20 but lighter is better . You may lose one or two but you will hook and catch a lot more .
KINGFISH – the really big ones will smash you but to catch quantity lighter is better . I use PE 2-4 rod mostly with live bait , braid is 20 lb and the leader is 30 lb .and a 3-5 kg rod with soft plastics . Braid is 1O or 15 lb and leader 20 lb . Many times I catch a rat kingie on my flathead gear and the fight is terrific .
TAILOR – when I fish for tailor I use my flathead gear but up the leader to 15 lb . But they are still ok on your 10 lb leader and they won’t bite you off as much if you have a hard body lure , stick bait or metal spinner with the hooks at the back .
SALMON – these guys come in schools in winter and are the best fun on light gear . Use either your flathead gear and if you really want some fun use your bream gear with 3″ soft plastics in clear or white colour to imitate a white bait . You won’t believe how good it is .
WHITING – just use your bream gear and adjust the lures .
SQUID – plenty around in winter . Use your bream gear for fun or flathead gear if they are bigger .LEADER – in all the above scenarios , the length of leader is important . I use at least the length of the rod but usually a little more than 2 metres so I can change lures and still have a long leader for the day .
remember – lighter is better so if it is slow , go down to lighter line especially the leader . You will catch more especially using soft plastics , vibes or jigs . Even with live bait , lighter is better .
​ I hope this helps , have fun !

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Fishing Pittwater – Kingfish, Flathead, Tailor and Jewfish.

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Fishing looks good this weekend , for all sorts of fish . Flathead and bream , kingies , and tailor , maybe even the odd jewie . Soft plastics are the go on all the species ,and for the big kings use live yakkas or live squid . Kingies are biting on dead squid and squid strips . Don’t forget if you use a squid strip , cut slices in the end so it looks like a tail fluttering in the water . Flathead will be in all the spots I have outlined in previous blog posts , bream will be amongst the moorings and the weed beds at palm beach flats .
Get out there and give it a go .



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Fishing for bream Lake Macquarie

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a beautiful day on the lake , no wind this morning and crystal clear water . But no fish ! Just some small stuff and a squid and a cuttlefish . One nice bream caught with chicken fillet . The best of the day . And down the southern end of the lake near Rafferties resort . See photo . Even the visitors were out today trying their luck on the party boat . Hope they had a good time .
The next blog will be from Vanuatu fishing for everything big especially dog tooth tuna . So the tally for the weekend was 22 flathead , fish for dinner every nigh and the rest swimming waiting for you to catch them again . I hope the last two days info has helped you get going on the flathead . They are fantastic fish to catch and eat . Stay tuned and get fishing .



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Bream fishing Part 2 jetties and pontoons

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Fishing for bream around the pontoons and jetties is great fun but is more difficult than amongst the moored boats . First you really need an electric motor , so that you can move from jetty to jetty slowly . The trick here is to cast as close to the jetty front , or either side ans let the soft plastic sink slowly down . If there is a fish hiding they will hit your lure . Work each side and front then move on to the next jetty or pontoon .
TIDES – The Best tide to fish the jetties or pontoons is the last two hours of the run up to the end of the first two hours of the run out . You can catch the fish at other times but these tides seem to be the most productive .
LURES – I prefer to fish soft plastics here on light jig heads . I use 1/16 th oz jig head and a # 4 hook . You can use a #2 hook on 1/16 th oz jig head also . I use a Berkeley 2″ shrimp in new penny colour or peppered prawn . I also use the 2″ crabby Berkley ans if things are tough I go to the 2″ camo worm from Berkley . If the water I s deep you can go to the 1/12 th oz jig head but no heavier if you want more hits .
GEAR – I use 1000 reel , 1-3 kg rod 6’6″ length , with 4 lb braid and 6 lb leader .
If it is a sunny day chose the areas where it is shady and not bright sun . This will work better .
Be prepared for the occasional flathead or trevally , they hunt these areas also . Give it a try ! Good fishing .



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Bream fishing amongst moored boats

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See the video below . What a great fish to catch and to watch swin about . Nothing better . It was caught amongst the moored boats , in 6-7 metres of water using bream gear . See my previous blogs for all the gear info . This one grabbed a Berkley gulp 2″ shrimp in new penny colour . The jig head was a ttlure and 1/16 th oz , number #2 hook . Light leader only 6 lb . Let is sink slowly and it hit on the drop 3/4 of the way down . Try it , great fun on light gear.
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