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Pittwater fishing 25.3.17 .great catches

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Fishing Pittwater Saturday. The morning was still so I went after bream as it was high tide . Two nice bream in two hours plus plenty of small reds to keep me entertained . I was using 1000 reel , 6 lb leader , 4 lb braid and 2 kg rod . The jig head was 1/12 oz with 2.5″ gulp shrimp in new penny colour . I decided to fish deep , 6 -7 metres as the water was dirty from the rain .

I went out in the afternoon at 4.30 just to try for a jewfish . After about an hour with nothing I hooked this small Jewie which was exciting . Then along came a school of bait fish followed by some rat kings so I threw the 5 ” soft plastic at them and hooked up a rat kingside which gave me a lot of fight . That was the day . The last two were caught on a 5″ Berkeley gulp jerk shad in pearl white , 3/0 hook and 1/4 oz jig head . I fished in 10-12 metres water amongst the moored boats .enjoy the photos . Videos to come later . 

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Next day fishing Lake Macquarie

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Second day fishing we went to try new spots . So over to the other side of the lake to coal point and drift the reef bed towards Toronto .
After two long drifts we had nothing so we went over to green point . It was a rising tide now so we drifted along the bank and we were casting towards the rising shore . Finally one fish in the boat and then another strike with a big flathead that took the drag on a long run . She somehow got off .
Late afternoon we went out again and now it was a falling tide . The three of us bagged 8 flathead and one big 40 cm bream . The gear we used was 2500 reel , 8 lb braid and 10 lb leader . A 3/0 hook with 5″ soft plastic , 1/4 oz jig head . One used a 2/0 hook with 1/4 oz jig head and 3 ” clear jerk shad . The other colours were pearl white and pink . One of the flathead was a big girl at 64 cm so a nice photo and back she went .
Like anywhere you have to find spots according to the tide . Rising tide hit the flats or the drop offs near the flats . Falling tide hit the drop offs or deeper water near drop offs . This is where they will be .
If you are fishing Flats then hit them on the last of the run up and first of the run out . Other times mostly a waste of time.

flathead flathead flathead flathead

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Fishing Lake Macquarie (Bream and Flathead)

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This morning I took our next door neighbours grand son fishing , to teach him the finer points of soft plastic fishing for flathead .
The wind was blowing again so a tough lesson , and into the fast running water channel we went .
casting against the wind and bringing the lure back with the tide and drifting fast was a hard first session for him . As luck would have it he landed the first fish in the boat . And it was his first on a soft plastic . See the photo . So he caught it , cleaned it and ate it for dinner . You can’t get better than that for a 13 year old . Great to see things go right occasionally .
We caught two more and that was the story for the day . I have to go back to Sydney for a day .

flathead flathead

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Fishing Pittwater Australia Day (Jewfish & Snapper)

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Had the opportunity to go out for a couple of hours this afternoon , mainly to fuel the boat for tomorrow , but who can pass up a fish when on the wind was blowing and I had half an hour before low tide so I thought I would fish a 5″ soft plastic for a jewie . Give it an hour I said to myself . Just on dead low I hooked a nice school Jewish in Pittwater . It was amongst the boats in some deep water . No other bites at all . So off I went to get out of the wind . I drifted the northern side of Scotland island and I hooked the biggest whiting I have seen in Pittwater . It was 43 cm . I counted it even though I hooked it in the belly . Then I hooked a small baby snapper on the 5″ soft plastic as I drifted over a drop off . Not a bad two hours fishing ! There is a video on each of the catches below . All fish were released . There are plenty of fish at the moment . Flathead , bream , snapper , kingies, etc . Use my tips and you will catch them in Pittwater .

fishing bream pittwater

fishing whiting pittwater

fishing whiting pittwater

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Fishing Pittwater – Scotland Island to Palm Beach

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fishing will be tough this weekend as it is a full moon on Sunday and for some reason Pittwater does not like it . But any fishing is good . So I went out this morning at low tide . I wanted to look around as I have not fished Pittwater in 5 weeks , so working out where they are was a priority . I fished from Scotland island to Palm beach , changing lures and rods and gear all the time . Nothing for two hours . Then I found a small reef coming up to 17 ft ( 5 metres ) from 32 ft . I had on 2″ new penny prawn , on 1000 reel , 6 lb leader , 4 lb braid , 1-3 kg rod . Finally some small reddies . I also had a floater out the back behind the boat as I always drift. This was also 1000 reel 1-3 kg rod , 4 lb braid , 6 lb leader . but I had on a one twelfth jig head ,# 2 hook . Slightly heavier .First drift a 30 cm baby snapper . Second drift a 46 cm flathead . But I had on a clear 3 inch jerk shad fish . See the photos below . This matched the fish that the flathead brought up when in the boat . See photo .. You could have used pumpkin seed colour also , it would work .
It always pays to have a floater out the back , especially if you are by yourself .The floater saved the morning .
It also coincided with the change of the tide to start running in .Fishing can change with a tide change so always be aware of when the tide is high and low and changing . It will determine what you do , where you fish and what you fish for . If you follow my blog you will know all the tricks and when to change .
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Fishing Pittwater – Flounder, Bream and Flathead

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Pittwater fishing is pretty good at the moment . Water is 25.5 c and the weather is calm .My total score this weekend is 6 flathead, 2 silver bream , 2 large flounder , and a few little reddies ( baby snapper ) .
The flathead were all caught at low tide , just before or just after . Sizes 61 cm, 52 cm, 43, cm , 44 cm , 40 cm . 41 cm , all released . I caught 3 in 3 casts in one spot . It was a drop off going from 4 ft to 10 ft to 17 ft to 25 ft . They were in the deeper part waiting for the bait fish . So at low tides fish the drop off , cast towards the shallow part and bring it back into the deep jigging it and Hitting the bottom as you go .Make sure you pause to let the flathead grab it . You will feel the thud. I was drifting from deep towards the shallow water and casting with the drift so you can visualise how the lure is coming down the slop to the deeper water each time .
If you catch one in a spot it is likely there are more sitting around . Keep working it until no further bites , especially if you catch one 60 cm or more as the smaller males will be around her. Gear was 2500 shimano reel ,6 lb braid and 10 lb leader , 1/4 oz jig head ,3/0 hook , pearl glow jerk shad 5″ from Berkeley gulp .See the photo on the jig head . One trick is to use a red bead in your loop knot before the jig head or dip the jig head in red nail Polish or paint . Seems to attract them .
The two big silver bream were caught at the palm beach flats on a rising tide . I used daiwa 1-2 kg rod , 4 lb braid , 6 lb leader , 1/16 th jig head on #2 hook .Lure was the Berkeley gulp 2″ shrimp in new penny colour . See the photos , one was 35 cm and the other 39.5 cm . Really fantastic fight , both took me around the boat before netting them and letting them go .As a by catch I caught 2 big flounder , one the biggest I have caught in Pittwater , bigger than the dinner plate . This came home to be deep fried crispy skin flounder with Thai sauce . I cHstted to a kyak fisherman who only goes for bream , and he uses hard bodies only . He has been catching a lot he said . Shows you there are many ways to catch bream also . I will go through these ideas in future blogs .
Use some of these tips and get out there , fish are waiting !

Note the red jig head with the pearl glow jerk shad . No fish could resist that .

2″” Berkeley shrimp on #2 hook and 1/16 jig head .39.5 cm
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The BETS bream fishing Comp Pittwater

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The bream Comp was on today ,over 20 teams fished Pittwater and caught at least 100 bream that they brought back to the weigh in. The biggest haul of five fish weighed 4.96 kg. Three teams were above 4.65 kg for the total of 5 fish .There were many fish over the kilo size and a lot more around 900 gm. As fishermen we would be happy with all of those that I saw at the weigh in . I spoke to those who’d fished Pittwater . The basic method was 1000 to 2500 reel , light spin rods , light jig heads from 1/12 th to 1/40 th when fishing shallow water . Leader was mostly 3 lb or 4 lb but some went as low as 2 lb and some went as high as 8 lb when using surface lures .One team used hard bodies – jackall chubbies , atomic ,and daiwa .Soft plastics were camo crawl ,cranky crab,4″ gulp worm in pumpkinseed ,2″ shrimp ,eco gear Aqua prawn. Hook sizes varied from #2 to 1/0 . Some of the fisho’s used 3 lb flurocarbon all the way through, no braid .So you can see that there is a lot of variety in fishing for bream , depending on depth and location.One thing is for sure , they are out there waiting for us to catch them . In future blogs we will go through how to catch them more thoroughly and what tricks may help us catch the big ones . Have a look at the photos of the comp below.



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Kayak fishing Pittwater (Bream)

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Richard went kayak fishing in Pittwater last week . His catch is below .He used s shimano raider 2-4 kg fines rod , Sedona 1500 reel , and live yabbies pumped at low tide on the sand in refuge cove .his rig was a small running sinker to a Fluoro bead above the bream hook . The biggest bream was 36 cm . Not bad for a bait Fisherman! At least it was live bait .He fished amongst the moored boats .
If in doubt where to fish go in amongst the moored boats . There are always fish there . If you don’t want to drift then , grab a n unoccupied mooring and tie up to it . If nothing after 15 minutes move to the next unoccupied mooring and so on till you find them. Moorings provide a lot of home protection for the fish and plenty of growth to eat .
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Fishing Pittwater – Baby Snapper, Flathead and Leather Jackets

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Plenty of flathead biting in Pittwater, plenty of reddies and small baby snapper up to 35 cm , leather jackets big and small , silver bream , flounder , rat kingies and some legal but they are hard to catch .
We went out on Saturday for the run up tide . Started 1 hour after the low tide .Two flathead 42 cm each ,one big flounder , one very big leather jacket , and plenty of small reddies up to 30 cm which kept us entertained .
We fished the deep this time as the rain has made the water a bit murky . Depth went from 35 ft (11 metres) to 20 ft (7 metres ). All the fish came out of these depths , the flathead about in the 25 ft depth . As it was deeper I used a micro jig weighing 12 gm and Scott used a 2 1/2 inch soft vibe in the clear colour . See photo attached . You could use the bream gear and put a 1/4 oz jig head on a #2 hook and the 2″ prawn or 3″ jerk shad in pumpkinseed . All of these will work in the deep .one of the flathead was caught on the 5″ Berkeley jerk shad in pearl glow colour ( white ) my go to lure when you need to catch something . I used my bream rod with the micro jig – 1-3 kg rod , 1000 reel , 6 lb leader , and 4 lb braid .Scott used a 2-5 kg rod and the same gear as me for the rest .
All the fish came in a 40 minute bite , starting exactly 3 hours after the low tide . Up till then ,nothing not even a bite . Then it went off just as quickly . Shows you must keep moving spots and hunting till you find them . all the fish were released except the flathead which will be beer batter . I will show you how we do the beer batter over the week.

Fishing on Sunday . High tide was 8.12 am so I fished from 7 am till 10 am .weather was perfect , overcast and no wind .It took till my 6 th different spot before I caught anything decent other than a couple of small reddies . On the 6 th spot I caught 4 flathead in a row ,from 9.15 to 9.45 and then they stopped . One 44 cm is now in the freezer for later. Another 30 cm , 38 cm and a big girl 64 cm all went back . Once you find a flathead often there are others around especially if there is a big girl there . Remember if you catch one over 60 cm put it back as they breed all the others for us . The spot I caught them on was fishing towards the rocky shore . I started out at 35 ft and drifted towards the shore which went up to 14 ft. So you can see that this was a sloping drop off from shore to deep . The fish were sitting on the slope waiting to attack anything that came from the shore , as it was a run out tide now .All of them were caught with the 5 ” soft plastic ,pearl glow colour, 8 lb leader ,6 lb braid , and 2500 reel . I used this as I was hoping for a kingie to come along .The lesson here though is to keep moving spots if you are not getting anything. Don’t leave it for more than 15 or 20 minutes before moving and when you do hit a spot that works , note the tide because at another part of the tide it may not work .use your sounder to get the lay of the bottom and depths .
One boat caught a small jewie which he threw back , good to see in Pittwater , near Scotland island . He was using bait .Another young fisho in Pittwater was lure fishing for bream with 4 lb leader and a 90 cm flathead grabbed the fish . After what seemed like an hour he boated the big girl and then let it go . Well done to him .
No birds working this morning to find kingies .

see the 12 Gm micro jig in red colour with two assist hooks ,on the flathead , bream and flounder . The leather jacket was caught with the 2 1/2 -3 ” clear soft vibe .the micro jig brands is storm . Work them like a soft plastic in the deeper water .
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The secret to Fishing in Winter – Go light on the tackle

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When the water starts to get colder the fish we hunt in summer get lazy and harder to catch . But with all fishing you will catch more fish and bigger fish the lighter your tackle is .
FLATEAD – you can land any flathead on 6 lb braid , 8 lb or 10 lb leader . 2500 reel , 2-4 kg rod . More bites , more catches and even big ones . 5″ soft plastics , even 2″ shrimps depending on where you are fishing . See previous blogs for this info .
BREAM – the big ones are tricky so the lighter you go the more chance you have . 4 lb or 6 lb braid is ok , it’s the leader that is important . 6 lb maximum and go down to 4 lb or even 3 lb if they are not biting . I find 4 lb or 6 lb ok . 1000 reel and 2-4 kg rod is ok , but 1-3 kg rod is also very good and a lot of fun . You need to play these fish but that is the fun .
JEWFISH – this is fun on light gear . 2500 reel , 8 lb to 10 lb braid , 17 lb leader . It’s the leader that is important . You can go to 20 but lighter is better . You may lose one or two but you will hook and catch a lot more .
KINGFISH – the really big ones will smash you but to catch quantity lighter is better . I use PE 2-4 rod mostly with live bait , braid is 20 lb and the leader is 30 lb .and a 3-5 kg rod with soft plastics . Braid is 1O or 15 lb and leader 20 lb . Many times I catch a rat kingie on my flathead gear and the fight is terrific .
TAILOR – when I fish for tailor I use my flathead gear but up the leader to 15 lb . But they are still ok on your 10 lb leader and they won’t bite you off as much if you have a hard body lure , stick bait or metal spinner with the hooks at the back .
SALMON – these guys come in schools in winter and are the best fun on light gear . Use either your flathead gear and if you really want some fun use your bream gear with 3″ soft plastics in clear or white colour to imitate a white bait . You won’t believe how good it is .
WHITING – just use your bream gear and adjust the lures .
SQUID – plenty around in winter . Use your bream gear for fun or flathead gear if they are bigger .LEADER – in all the above scenarios , the length of leader is important . I use at least the length of the rod but usually a little more than 2 metres so I can change lures and still have a long leader for the day .
remember – lighter is better so if it is slow , go down to lighter line especially the leader . You will catch more especially using soft plastics , vibes or jigs . Even with live bait , lighter is better .
​ I hope this helps , have fun !

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