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Pittwater fishing last weekend

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Fish are biting everywhere in Pittwater so I was told . I set out to find kingies . It took me an hour and a half to get 3 live squid so I thought 3 king fish here . Well for the next two hours I tried various spots . Do you think s kingie came near these tasty squid . Nothing! Even the soft plastics didn’t work on them . In the meantime I did catch that big hairtail on the soft plastic , plus a small snapper and a flathead and a small 50 cm Jewie . All on the soft plastics . It was a 7″ Berkley jerk shad in pearl White on a 5/0 hook and 1/2 oz jig head . Even the Jewie didn’t want the squid . On the way back home I stopped on some flats on Sunday . It was a run up tide so the fish should be there . Wind and overcast perfect . I dropped down to light bream gear with 2.5″ prawn on # 2 hook and 1/16 oz jig head . I only stopped for 15 minutes and managed a nice small bream . Goes to show that you have to be flexible and be aware of the tides . If you are you will always catch fish .
There is plenty of fish about and it is great out there . Give it a go and catch a feed . A nice video of one of the flathead caught . See how clear the water is in Pittwater .


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