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Lake Macquarie fishing the flats

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Wind has been howling at 37 kms so the skill is to find the fish where the wind is protected . So the only way was the fish the FLATS.
Here we could get out of the wind and drift st a normal pace . So the tide was running up to high , an hour to go so we knew this is prime time . We scaled down our gear to bream gear as it was only 1.5 – 3 ft deep . The gear was 4 lb braid ,6 lb leader , #2 hook and 1/16 th oz jig head .. we used the 2.5″ shrimp soft plastic as the prawns are running .
So over the hour and half we caught 4 nice flathead , all between 46 cm -51 cm . Perfect for the table .
THE TRICKS – if y it want to fish the flats and there is a lot of weed and sand patches , go down to light gear . You still get weed caught but not as much and when you get a strike you have a lot of fun getting the fish in .
The tide is best at an hour before the high to an hour after the high . If you are still catching fish then stay but it will decrease . I don’t think it is worth while fishing the lower tides on the flats as the fish reposition themselves on the run out in the drop offs . You may catch a fish or two but the prime time is as above . As the tide goes out reposition yourself to cast into the drop offs . Remember it is always better to cast up stream if there is a current as the fish face the current . See the good video in the flats .


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