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Fishing Lake Macquarie

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The wind was high so we went flats fishing again in the protected bay . Now flats fishing is great fun but you need to have two scenarios .
1. A protected bay with weed and sand patches . The weed has to be light , don’t go if the weed is thick and heavy , especially if there are no sand patches . The fish will often hit in the sand patches , they are either there or just hiding next to it in the weed . Fish light and cast with the wind and drift with the wind .
2. Go where there is clear water and you can see the sandy flats amongst darker water . If the sand has ridges where the water is slightly deeper , that is where the fish are . Even better if there is some rocks or weedy patches around . Stick to the slightly deeper water and cast to the shallow water and bring the lure back to you hitting the bottom at all times . If the flats are clear and not weedy you can use five inch soft plastics and heavier jig heads to cast further .

we chose the first option here as it was windy . Light gear as mentioned in previous blogs . Two hits and both of us missed them . Then on he next drift one small flathead , sent back only forty cm . Next drift in comes a beaut fish , 57 cm long , just one cm short of me throwing it back . The fight with this flathead on 8 lb leader and 1000 reel was terrific . This is fishing . It ran and ran , four or five times when it saw the net . Keeping the rod tip down near the water and pressure on the fish got the job done . With light gear and flats fishing keep the drag at 1/3 rd of the breaking strain of the leader and you will have no trouble landing it eventually . See the photos .next time I will get a video . The fishing went quiet so we ventured out into the channel behind an island to get out of the wind . First drift another good flathead 53 cm , and that was it . Nothing else after that . Three nice flathead , two let go .

flathead flathead flathead flathead

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