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First days fishing Lake Macquarie

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Day one of holidays . Time for some flathead for the fridge for dinner with the first day is always a scouting trip to find out where they are .
6 am start , beautiful weather so we headed for the channel where it was running in up to high . The water was racing so out came 1/4 oz jig head and 5″ soft plastics . Always fish with the current when it is running as the flathead will be facing the current and you bring the plastic down to the fish right in front of its eyes . It wasn’t too long and we had one in the boat . Then another , and another . We finished about 9.30 am to go in for a feed . We had 6 flathead to clean plus 3 smaller ones we let go . Not a bad morning . My feelings are that under 40 cm they go back and over 58 cm they go back . These are either too small or the breeders . See the video of the cleaning table .
The technique I have described many times in the blog but it is simple . Find a channel where the water is running , drift with the current . Cast up stream so the lure comes with the current . I know this sounds wrong but it is right and the lure sinks to the bottom quickly coming with the tide . Your skill is to work the lure so it bounces along the bottom up and down. The fish will hit it . That’s why they are in the current !
Try it and you will catch them . Enjoy the video . Tomorrow we will try new places and tricks . Stay tuned.

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