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Great Flathead Haul at Lake Macquarie

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The wind was howling again and in the morning we only got 1 flathead . This was fishing the drop off from the flats as the tide was running out . Same rig , just cast over the flats and bring the soft plastic down along the drop off until you get it to the boat . Keep it hitting the bottom and you should get some fish .

  1. Later at lunch time the tide was coming in and so we headed for the flats in a protected bay . As it was only 1.5 -3 ft deep we went down to bream gear again. 6 lb leader , #2 hook on 1/16 th jig head . 1000 reel . Drift with the wind and cast with the wind to ge tsome distance . You pick up a lot of weed on your hook but that is part of the system of fishing the flats with weed and sand patches . If you work the lure slowly it sits a while on the bottom and the flathead grab it . I use a 2.5″ soft plastic shrimp .
  2. we ended up in an hour catching 4 nice flathead the biggest 48 cm and the others around 45 cm . These came in for the table for dinner . When you are fishing the flats it is easy for the flathead to break the water and bust you off . How to avoid this is to keep your rod tip down near the water and guide the flathead into the net . Don’t be in a hurry , the fight is the best part and they do fight especially on the light gear . If you have your drag set lightly you won’t lose the fish as long as it s head stays below the water .
  3. This is fun fishing .

flathead  flathead flathead

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