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How to rig a two hook rig for Kingfish (Video)

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Although you don’t need two hooks for kingfish , everyone uses two . It is either two hooks the same size or one hook and a treble hook they refer to as a stinger hook . Personally I don’t like the treble as it can damage the fish in the fight if it hooks into its side whilst it is fighting you . The second hook does not tend to do this as much and is much less damaging . The second reason is safety as the kingfish on the deck jumps around a lot and this stinger hook goes everywhere if it is not connected to the fish , and for sure it will get connected to your leg .
So watch the video and practice . It will save you a lot of money as the rigs in the stores are expensive and often you need to cut the line as the hooks won’t come out of the fish without damaging the fishes mouth . Once you have tied a few , you will see they are fast and easy to do . I always keep some rigged up on leaders so all you have to do is tie it onto the swivel . Two minutes and you are back fishing and not $5 poorer . The next blog will show you how to rig the yakkas two different ways.

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