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Vanuatu fishing day 2: Yellowfin Tuna and Rosies

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This morning we were up at 4.30 am for breakfast ready for a 5 am departure to the ” sea mount ” where all the big dog tooth tuna live and wahoo . It took us 4 hours of bumpy seas to get there , with everyone wondering if it was worth it . Two boats , 9 fishing so we must get some . First drop with the jigs and two were on , reels zinging and braid going off the reel like cotton . These 20,000 reels had 170 lb leaders , 100 lb braid and the drag locked up so tight that you could not pull it out . But the dog tooth pulled this like it was cotton and in no time both were busted off . Two of the guys had never caught a doggie before and were keen to get the big one . Everyone jigging frantically , up came what the skipper said was a puppy . I put down a 7 ” z man soft plastic on a 3 oz jig head , 20000 reel with 170 lb leader . Instantly I got a hit coming up and one 10 kg dogtooth in the boat . More jigging by the others and more hits and big bust offs . These doggies are big and unfriendly . I put down my softie again and bang , it gets hit straight away . Another 10 kg doggie . Not bad , 3 in the boat in under 40 minutes . Well that’s where it stopped . Huge hit after huge hit , drags screaming rods buckled over , and backs and arms aching . Not one got landed . Frustration all around . We had double hook ups , triple hook ups , and one quadruple hook up where all four were going for a big one . All busted off . Amongst the 5 of us we would have lost $500 worth of jigs ! Amongst all this mayhem Tim caught a nice Rosie job fish , others caught some small skipjack and one nice wahoo and one 15 kg yellow fin tuna . Everyone was focussed on the dogtooth but at the end of the day only the three in the morning were in the boat . Final tally was about 40 lost so all the stories are about the ones that were huge that got away .
The sea mount lived up to its reputation and so did the doggies . They are the hardest fish to get in the boat , harder than kingies . The two boys that had never landed a doggie , still keep that reputation , so we are going out hunting them tomorrow . Was the trip out and back worth it today , I don’t think so due to the 61/2 hours travel time , but it is something you have to do once to understand it . See some photos below but no dogtooth . You can also see a couple of nice dishes we had with our 4 course dinner back at the Trees and Fishes lodge , relaxing after the day .one is the fresh calamari caught out the front , one the deep fried wahoo with Ali, and the third is surf and turf ,scallop in between beef. All delicious followed by steamed wahoo with coconut rice ,and for dessert cream caramel and vanilla ice cream . Not bad for a fishing resort !!





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