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The BETS bream fishing Comp Pittwater

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The bream Comp was on today ,over 20 teams fished Pittwater and caught at least 100 bream that they brought back to the weigh in. The biggest haul of five fish weighed 4.96 kg. Three teams were above 4.65 kg for the total of 5 fish .There were many fish over the kilo size and a lot more around 900 gm. As fishermen we would be happy with all of those that I saw at the weigh in . I spoke to those who’d fished Pittwater . The basic method was 1000 to 2500 reel , light spin rods , light jig heads from 1/12 th to 1/40 th when fishing shallow water . Leader was mostly 3 lb or 4 lb but some went as low as 2 lb and some went as high as 8 lb when using surface lures .One team used hard bodies – jackall chubbies , atomic ,and daiwa .Soft plastics were camo crawl ,cranky crab,4″ gulp worm in pumpkinseed ,2″ shrimp ,eco gear Aqua prawn. Hook sizes varied from #2 to 1/0 . Some of the fisho’s used 3 lb flurocarbon all the way through, no braid .So you can see that there is a lot of variety in fishing for bream , depending on depth and location.One thing is for sure , they are out there waiting for us to catch them . In future blogs we will go through how to catch them more thoroughly and what tricks may help us catch the big ones . Have a look at the photos of the comp below.



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