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Squidding and Fishing for Flathead at Lake Macquarie

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took the three teenagers for a one hour fish . One 48 cm flathead and 14 squid. Had the lot for dinner with 8 of us . Not a bad catch.
All caught at the drop over at the end of the channel opposite marks point headland . Squid jig was rigged to get to 17 ft , or 6 metres. My preferred rig is running sinker to a swivel and then a 1 1/2 metre leader , 10 lb strength . Let it hit the bottom , reel up a metre and rip the sinker upwards like a soft plastic jig . Just let it sink again so the line is tight and rip again. Just move the jig constantly and they will find it . Over the last 18 days , we caught 126 squid using this method .
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