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How to rig live yakkas with the two hook rig

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Rigging wit he two hook rig is pretty easy if you know how . See the photos below . The top hook goes in first on the back of the fish . Be careful to just put the hook through the fish just under the backbone . The closer you get to the top of the back bone the better as more of the hook juts out .i like it in the back as I feel the fish vibrates more in the water and attracts the kingie or jewie . In the nose , they swim more freely . The second hook can either stay free or just get pinned at the bottom of the fish near the tail . Either is ok . If you are using a stinger hook ie treble , then let it roam free on yakkas but pin it on w live squid . The squid is for another blog .





if you want to troll a live yakkas or any live fish you need to pin the top hook in the nose of the fish . Not the mouth as they can drown . In the nose they are free to swim with the speed of the boat and live a lot longer . Then I put the stinger hook into the bottom near the tail , just in case .See photo .
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