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7 Flathead haul in Lake Macquarie

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went out at 7 am to chase flathead . Run out tide for two hours to low and then short time for the run up . Two of us and we caught 7 nice flathead . See the photo below . They were kept in my live bait tank so we could photograph them and then 5 let go , toe for dinner .we used 5″ Berkley gulp jerk shads , one in pearl white and one in pilchard colour . 3/0 hook on 3/8 oz jig head , 10 lb leader , Shimano Stella 2500 reel and ci4 2500 reel . My rod I used was a daiwa 2-4 kg slightly stiffer .we fished the running water channels , two different ones as both were slow at first . See yesterday’s for the photo.
At high tide around 1 pm I went out to the flats for an hour . Only 2′-3′ deep . I used my bream gear , 1000 reel , 6 lb leader , 1/12 jig head on # 2 hook . I used the Berkley gulp crabby in camo colour . Result , one nice flathead around 44 cm and one bust off .
Fish light on the flats , it is much more successful .
The afternoon we went back to the channels to fish a run out tide from the top of the tide ,to see the difference . We bagged and released another 4 flathead in 2 hours fishing . Same gear as above . Not a bad day, 12 flathead , 2 kept and the rest released .
The technique works , get out and give it a try . It works wherever there is current and in rivers and estuaries . Winter is coming and so is the cold water , the flathead will move and the big ones probably will be sitting in the deep .
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