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Kayak fishing Pittwater (Bream)

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Richard went kayak fishing in Pittwater last week . His catch is below .He used s shimano raider 2-4 kg fines rod , Sedona 1500 reel , and live yabbies pumped at low tide on the sand in refuge cove .his rig was a small running sinker to a Fluoro bead above the bream hook . The biggest bream was 36 cm . Not bad for a bait Fisherman! At least it was live bait .He fished amongst the moored boats .
If in doubt where to fish go in amongst the moored boats . There are always fish there . If you don’t want to drift then , grab a n unoccupied mooring and tie up to it . If nothing after 15 minutes move to the next unoccupied mooring and so on till you find them. Moorings provide a lot of home protection for the fish and plenty of growth to eat .
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