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How to rig a live squid

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Best way to rig a live squid is with two hooks . The one furthest up the line goes into the tip of the squid’s body . The second hook goes just lightly into the skin of the squid near the head . Both hooks must be exposed so they catch the fish easily . See the photos below . If you troll , don’t go any faster than 2 knots , otherwise the squid will die . If you drift , use the lightest lead you need to just get the squid down to the depth you want to fish . Usually two thirds of the way to the bottom is a good plan . You can leave the bottom hook free to drift with the tide if you like , but I don’t as many times the head is hit and the top is not so the bottom hook is the handy one . You can put the hook through the other , that is through the skin and out , but make sure it is exposed . This way is quick and simple and gets the squid into the water quickly . Good luck and hang on ! . Stay tuned and get fishing !
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