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Fishing Vanuatu: Yellowfin Tuna

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Day one of a four day fishing trip at the Trees and Fishes resort . What a day ! Went out to the fad for yellowfin at 9 am , arrived there at 9.30 am and by 9.45 the first 25 kg yellowfin was in the boat after one bigger than that was lost . It was caught on a 12 inch or 30 cm popper casting . By 10 am a second one was in the boat 30 kg caught on a 7″ z man soft plastic in white colour . This fought well as it was on a Stella 20,000 reel , 100 lb braid and 170 lb leader . The jig head was 3 oz tt lure .The rod was a PE 6-8 .
This kept going all morning into the early afternoon . Lunch was kept being put off as the fish were all around us . By the time we had lunch at 1.30 pm we had a tally of 7 yellowfin tuna , not one below 25 kg . Plus we had one big wahoo , caught on a jig only 60 g , and several small fish 3-4 kg for live bait . The big loss of the day was a huge yellowfin right at the boat , maybe more than 50 kg , caught on a big live bait on a downrigger at 60 metres deep . It was just 10 metres below the boat when the hooks pulled . Then there was this huge wahoo caught on a jig , only 60 g jig but on a PE 6-8 rod and 170 lb leader . A great fish . One of the great experiences was a double hook up on the yellowfin , both on poppers casting , mayhem on the boat but very exciting . The rest of the afternoon 2 hours we went after dog tooth tuna , jigging up to 100 meters deep . This produced nothing except a ramora .
The other boat has a similar day but the prize went to Andrew who managed to reel in w 61 kg yellowfin from a live bait right at the end of the day . This photo will follow when I can get it .
Tomorrow off to a place that has big doggies . I will let you know what happened . In the meantime enjoy the photos below .



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