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Fishing Vanuatu day 1 – Mahi Mahi

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the weather is perfect, no wind , sun and a bit of cloud . We went out 20 minutes to the first fad , chasing yellowfin tuna . Two of the guys wer popping , that is the boat trolls slowly and you put poppers out the back and jig them to make the splash . I put out a 7″ soft plastic pearl white colour on a 7/0 hook , 120 lb leader . It wasn’t even 60 seconds when I got hit and a 10 kg yellowfin was in the boat . Reset and not 5 minutes went by and a 4-5 kg skip jack hit the soft plastic . Then another two quickly after . It hadn’t even been half an hour . The poppers had 3 huge hits but all of them failed to hook up .
We went to the next fad , much quieter , but two big hits on the poppers and again no hook ups . Then just as we decided to go for luck and a snorkel , three hits together , two big tuna and one Mahi Mahi on the soft plastic . See photo . One tuna was lost , the other one eaten by a shark , we only got the head in , see below photo , and the Mahi Mahi was for dinner.
After lunch we went jigging to shoes dog tooth tuna . Nothing landed but three bust offs . These fish are fun and frustrating .
So s quieter day overall but enjoyable , getting us ready for day 2 . Update this tomorrow .
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