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Fishing Pittwater – Flounder, Bream and Flathead

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Pittwater fishing is pretty good at the moment . Water is 25.5 c and the weather is calm .My total score this weekend is 6 flathead, 2 silver bream , 2 large flounder , and a few little reddies ( baby snapper ) .
The flathead were all caught at low tide , just before or just after . Sizes 61 cm, 52 cm, 43, cm , 44 cm , 40 cm . 41 cm , all released . I caught 3 in 3 casts in one spot . It was a drop off going from 4 ft to 10 ft to 17 ft to 25 ft . They were in the deeper part waiting for the bait fish . So at low tides fish the drop off , cast towards the shallow part and bring it back into the deep jigging it and Hitting the bottom as you go .Make sure you pause to let the flathead grab it . You will feel the thud. I was drifting from deep towards the shallow water and casting with the drift so you can visualise how the lure is coming down the slop to the deeper water each time .
If you catch one in a spot it is likely there are more sitting around . Keep working it until no further bites , especially if you catch one 60 cm or more as the smaller males will be around her. Gear was 2500 shimano reel ,6 lb braid and 10 lb leader , 1/4 oz jig head ,3/0 hook , pearl glow jerk shad 5″ from Berkeley gulp .See the photo on the jig head . One trick is to use a red bead in your loop knot before the jig head or dip the jig head in red nail Polish or paint . Seems to attract them .
The two big silver bream were caught at the palm beach flats on a rising tide . I used daiwa 1-2 kg rod , 4 lb braid , 6 lb leader , 1/16 th jig head on #2 hook .Lure was the Berkeley gulp 2″ shrimp in new penny colour . See the photos , one was 35 cm and the other 39.5 cm . Really fantastic fight , both took me around the boat before netting them and letting them go .As a by catch I caught 2 big flounder , one the biggest I have caught in Pittwater , bigger than the dinner plate . This came home to be deep fried crispy skin flounder with Thai sauce . I cHstted to a kyak fisherman who only goes for bream , and he uses hard bodies only . He has been catching a lot he said . Shows you there are many ways to catch bream also . I will go through these ideas in future blogs .
Use some of these tips and get out there , fish are waiting !

Note the red jig head with the pearl glow jerk shad . No fish could resist that .

2″” Berkeley shrimp on #2 hook and 1/16 jig head .39.5 cm
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