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Fishing Pittwater Sunday 19/6/16.

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Due to the rainy weather I decided to go after some bream this morning . My thinking was to fish deeper water amongst the moored boats as the fresh water was on the top so the bream would be down deeper . The morning was overcast with really light to no rain , and no wind .
I fished in water that was between 6 metres and 9 metres deep amongst the moored boats . The tide was high so I was fishing the beginning of the run out . In the first half an hour I had 3 fish in the boat , 2 nice baby snapper and one nice silver bream . All 30 cm . A couple of totters rounded off the bream .All released . Then just as I was working the 2″ shrimp up toward the boat , it was hit by what I thought was a trevally. On my light bream gear , 1-3 kg rod , 1000 reel and 4 lb braid , 6 lb leader , 2″ soft plastic Berkley shrimp , in new penny colour , 1/16 th oz jig head and # 2 hook , the fight was terrific . Time and time again the drag went screaming and all I could do was hold on . It took about 5 minutes of this before I saw a nice rat kingie come close to the surface . Eventually it was in the net and measured 60 cm . Back it went to harrass some other fish . One nice flounder finished the 2 hour session , before the rain came in and I went home .
The water temperature is 17 degrees and the bream are very touchy . I found that you need to work the soft plastic very slowly . Use a light jig head and let it fall slowly to the bottom . Once it is there work it gently and leave it sitting on the bottom for a lot longer , 3 to 5 seconds . When you work it do it gently as if the shrimp it just darting away and falling . Slower the better . A lot of the time they are hitting it on the drop near the bottom.
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