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Catching Kingfish at Pittwater

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Perfect morning , run out tide from high,swell low and light wind . Went out chasing kingies at the valiant wreck . No one there early . Plenty of live bait today so used live yakkas . Total count was 12 landed and 4 bust offs . Only two kept that were legal . A great day . Gear we used was ,one rod PE 1.5 -4, 80 lb leader, 6/0 hook and a treble stinger hook . Reel is Shimano 8000 with 50 lb braid . The leader was connected to the braid with a swivel and had a running sinker above the swivel . The hook rig you can buy at the tackle shop but they are easy to tie yourself , so in a future blog I will do a video to show you .
The other rod wa ss light one with a Stella 4000 reel , 30 lb braid , 40 lb leader , same hook rig as above , and a 4-8 kg rod . Today it didn’t matter what the leader was , they were hitting any yakka that was put down . The thing to take note is the high tide was 6 am and we started fishing at 7.30 till 11.30 .A perfect run out and moving tide for them .More tomorrow .



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