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Fishing Pittwater – Scotland Island to Palm Beach

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fishing will be tough this weekend as it is a full moon on Sunday and for some reason Pittwater does not like it . But any fishing is good . So I went out this morning at low tide . I wanted to look around as I have not fished Pittwater in 5 weeks , so working out where they are was a priority . I fished from Scotland island to Palm beach , changing lures and rods and gear all the time . Nothing for two hours . Then I found a small reef coming up to 17 ft ( 5 metres ) from 32 ft . I had on 2″ new penny prawn , on 1000 reel , 6 lb leader , 4 lb braid , 1-3 kg rod . Finally some small reddies . I also had a floater out the back behind the boat as I always drift. This was also 1000 reel 1-3 kg rod , 4 lb braid , 6 lb leader . but I had on a one twelfth jig head ,# 2 hook . Slightly heavier .First drift a 30 cm baby snapper . Second drift a 46 cm flathead . But I had on a clear 3 inch jerk shad fish . See the photos below . This matched the fish that the flathead brought up when in the boat . See photo .. You could have used pumpkin seed colour also , it would work .
It always pays to have a floater out the back , especially if you are by yourself .The floater saved the morning .
It also coincided with the change of the tide to start running in .Fishing can change with a tide change so always be aware of when the tide is high and low and changing . It will determine what you do , where you fish and what you fish for . If you follow my blog you will know all the tricks and when to change .
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