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Fishing Pittwater Friday 22/4/16 .

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After posting on my blog , fishing for bream part one tips , I thought it best to do what I explained and show you the results . I went out for two hours in the afternoon from 3 pm till 5 pm . I fished amongst the moored boats moving around with the electric motor to find the fish . I just chose moorings that got me out of the wind , no where in particular . I used 1000 Stella reel , 1-2 kg rod , 6 lb leader and # 2 hook on 1/16 th oz jig head . The soft plastic was 2.5 ” Berkley crabby in camo colour . I was fishing in 5-7 metres of water .i simply cast out the way I was drifting ans let it sink slowly to the bottom and then light twitches to make it look alive . Two of the three fish hit the lure on the drop .Virtually within 5 minutes I had a 32 cm baby snapper in the boat . Half an hour later as nice 35 cm thumper silver bream . During the next hour I was bitten off , then I lost another thumper bream , then hooked and landed a nice long Tom . Just before I left to go home , another nice reddie at 32 cm . This is what I suspect bit me off previously . Also 3 or 4 small reddies . So not a bad two hours . I didn’t have my camera but the photos below of past catches are similar in size . Tomorrow I will go out again and fish the same way in different spots to show that anywhere amongst the moorings is good . Stay tuned .



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