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Fishing Pittwater – Baby Snapper, Flathead and Leather Jackets

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Plenty of flathead biting in Pittwater, plenty of reddies and small baby snapper up to 35 cm , leather jackets big and small , silver bream , flounder , rat kingies and some legal but they are hard to catch .
We went out on Saturday for the run up tide . Started 1 hour after the low tide .Two flathead 42 cm each ,one big flounder , one very big leather jacket , and plenty of small reddies up to 30 cm which kept us entertained .
We fished the deep this time as the rain has made the water a bit murky . Depth went from 35 ft (11 metres) to 20 ft (7 metres ). All the fish came out of these depths , the flathead about in the 25 ft depth . As it was deeper I used a micro jig weighing 12 gm and Scott used a 2 1/2 inch soft vibe in the clear colour . See photo attached . You could use the bream gear and put a 1/4 oz jig head on a #2 hook and the 2″ prawn or 3″ jerk shad in pumpkinseed . All of these will work in the deep .one of the flathead was caught on the 5″ Berkeley jerk shad in pearl glow colour ( white ) my go to lure when you need to catch something . I used my bream rod with the micro jig – 1-3 kg rod , 1000 reel , 6 lb leader , and 4 lb braid .Scott used a 2-5 kg rod and the same gear as me for the rest .
All the fish came in a 40 minute bite , starting exactly 3 hours after the low tide . Up till then ,nothing not even a bite . Then it went off just as quickly . Shows you must keep moving spots and hunting till you find them . all the fish were released except the flathead which will be beer batter . I will show you how we do the beer batter over the week.

Fishing on Sunday . High tide was 8.12 am so I fished from 7 am till 10 am .weather was perfect , overcast and no wind .It took till my 6 th different spot before I caught anything decent other than a couple of small reddies . On the 6 th spot I caught 4 flathead in a row ,from 9.15 to 9.45 and then they stopped . One 44 cm is now in the freezer for later. Another 30 cm , 38 cm and a big girl 64 cm all went back . Once you find a flathead often there are others around especially if there is a big girl there . Remember if you catch one over 60 cm put it back as they breed all the others for us . The spot I caught them on was fishing towards the rocky shore . I started out at 35 ft and drifted towards the shore which went up to 14 ft. So you can see that this was a sloping drop off from shore to deep . The fish were sitting on the slope waiting to attack anything that came from the shore , as it was a run out tide now .All of them were caught with the 5 ” soft plastic ,pearl glow colour, 8 lb leader ,6 lb braid , and 2500 reel . I used this as I was hoping for a kingie to come along .The lesson here though is to keep moving spots if you are not getting anything. Don’t leave it for more than 15 or 20 minutes before moving and when you do hit a spot that works , note the tide because at another part of the tide it may not work .use your sounder to get the lay of the bottom and depths .
One boat caught a small jewie which he threw back , good to see in Pittwater , near Scotland island . He was using bait .Another young fisho in Pittwater was lure fishing for bream with 4 lb leader and a 90 cm flathead grabbed the fish . After what seemed like an hour he boated the big girl and then let it go . Well done to him .
No birds working this morning to find kingies .

see the 12 Gm micro jig in red colour with two assist hooks ,on the flathead , bream and flounder . The leather jacket was caught with the 2 1/2 -3 ” clear soft vibe .the micro jig brands is storm . Work them like a soft plastic in the deeper water .
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