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3 Steps to Fighting a flathead properly (Video)

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There are 4 things you should do to make sure your flathead does not get away .
1. When you have the fish on give the rod a couple of rips to make sure the hook is set . Flathead will hold the lure and if it is not set will spit it out .
2. Keep the line tight so there is no slack at any time .Otherwise they could spit the lure out .
3. The fish will have one more run when it sees the boat or you. Let it run , if your drag is light it is fun to see them run . Take your time and have fun playing the fish . You won’t lose the fish doing this .
4. Don’t let the fish break the water as it will shake its head and can throw the lure here. Use your rod to swim the fish back and forward next to the boat under the water . This will tire the fish out and you can then use the rod and momentum to swim him straight into the net .
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