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Fishing Vanuatu Day 4 – Dogtooth Tuna, Yellowfin Tuna and Giant Trevally

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Our last day at the fishing lodge, so one boat went after yellowfin , the other after dogtooth tuna . At the fad it wasn’t even 5 minutes before we had live skipjack for bait . Then within 10 minutes Andy was fighting a big yellowfin in very choppy seas . In it came at 35 kg .a great start. More live bait and two misses with more yellowfin that failed to get hooked . Now we were having a hard time catching skipjack as the baby 2 kg -3 kg yellowfin we grabbing the bait rigs . Over the day we caught over 50 of these baby yellowfin amongst the skipjacks. Next it was Scott hooked up to a nice yellowfin . This one slightly smaller at 30 kg . Three more times the live baits were hit and failed to hook up which was frustrating . Then 15 minutes from finishing Chris hooked a beauty . This fish was not going to give up . The fight went for 49 minutes with the skipper saying this yellowfin was 50 kg plus . Just as the fish got to the 30 metre mark from the boat the hooks pulled . That’s fishing! Whilst we were catching the bait Matt hooked and landed a 10 kg yellowfin on the bait rod . This was a great fight and a terrific catch .
​Tally for the day was 3 big yellowfin , one lost and 5 misses . Not a bad day .
The other boat had a day jigging for doggies and came up with two nice ones , one 20 kg , with plenty of bust offs , and an assortment of other nice fish ..
Still the doggies beat us on the whole and we just have to go back and do battle again in the future .
The big 30 kg GT in the photo below was caught out the front of the lodge just on dusk with a 2 kg dead yellowfin for bait .



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