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Day 2 Vanuatu fishing

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The seas were flat as a pancake , no wind , so the 4 of us took our wives out for a morning fish at the second fad. See the photos below of them popping for yellowfin tuna . The poppers are about 30 cm long so it is hard work , the rods are PE 6-8 , reels Stella 14000 fast action , and the braid 60 lb and 200 lb leader . There were big yellowfin all around but we couldn’t get a hit for over an hour . Then we decided to show them how to jig . There was a lot of laughter and shrieking but no fish hits at all .Then Annette managed to land a small yellowfin ,that’s a photo below . See the smile .we took them for snorkel on the coral and fed the huge red bass and multitiude of small reef fish , before coming in for lunch at the lodge. The afternoon info after the photos below .



Afternoon we went jigging for doggies . This was a fun packed afternoon with plenty of action . We must have hold over a dozen doggies and not one landed . There were schools of big pike around and sharks and they either hit the line and were biting it off or hitting the fish and taking our catch . One hit I had on the 80 lb rod and 20,000 Stella reel , with 24 kg drag locked , wouldn’t stop. We shared the rod for about half an hour and then it busted off . We could only get about 5 metres of line every few minutes . When we lost it , it was still 60 metres down and we were towing it with the boat in circles to try to get it to come up . Probably a big shark hooked in the side or tail . There are some big fish down there . Another doggie managed to get off by straightening the hook , when I thought we had this one . We were fishing in water 50 -70 metres deep running up to 45 metres . The sounder had so much bait fish showing , so we were always on the spot . Paul has one fish , we think it must have been a huge red bass or grouper that had his 400 T curve jigging rod about to bust . 200 lb leader and 18000 Stella reel . We didn’t get this in either , lost just before we could see it . In between all this action we caught half a dozen pike and some coronation trout , but the real fun was these big hits . Just at the end of the day Paul was using bait and he hooked into something big again . This time he got it in , a huge pike , must be nearly 5 ft long , see photo below. He cheated as he put a wire trace on with bait just to see what was down there.
So the tally for the afternoon was one big pike , 6 or 7 smaller ones ,2 trout , and more lost than we would like to remember . But fantastic fun . Just it let you know the gear we are using , see photos . I have 3 rods , one PE 6-8 , 20,000 Stella reel, 80 lb braid , 200 lb leader , jig 100 g-120 g . Second rod PE 3-5 , Stella 10000 reel , 60 lb braid 200 lb leader , 3 oz jig head ,soft plastic 7″ , 5/0 hook . Third rod is PE 2-4, 30 lb braid , Stella 5000 reel , 80 lb leader , 60 g jig . The three other guys have similar gear . Even on the heavy gear we still get beaten up . Anyway more tomorrow for day 3 . Is there a better fishing place than this ?



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