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Bream fishing spots part : the Moorings

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Regularly catching big bream is hard on lures but if you get good at it , you have the best fun on light gear .
All of the bream in the photos below were caught in Pittwater so where do we find them ?
The easiest spot to start is amongst the boat moorings . This is home as structure to hide is plentiful with all the mooring ropes and boats . You will fish in depths from 10 ft to 25 ft so I will explain it below . It’s best to use soft plastics , vibes or micro jigs in these depths but you can also use hard bodies under the boat hulls .
​ The trick is to cast as close to the moored boat as possible and let the lure sink to the bottom . Choose the boats with the dirtiest hulls with growth all over it , this is what the fish prefer .
With the fish , the small reddies will keep you entertained as they are plentiful and will hit your lures non stop . Eventually a big baby snapper will hit your lure as will a nice big silver bream from 25 to 40 cm . All these fish fight hard on light gear . Don’t be surprised if a rat King hits your lure or a trevally or salmon or tailor or a big flathead .Anything can happen amongst the moorings .

ANCHOR – if it is too windy or you haven’t got an electric engine ,you can tie up to a spare mooring and throw soft plastics around . Once you have worked the area , move to the next spare mooring and do the same thing .
DRIFT- if you can drift amongst the moored boats , you cover more ground which means more opportunity . If you don’t have and electric engine and the wind is light just drift and push your boat off the moored ones and keep fishing . You will be amazed at how often your boat misses the moored ones . Drifting is my preferred way .
GEAR – For the rod , a 1-2 kg or 2-4 kg rod 6’6″ long are really good . Any brand . The Reel I like is Stella 1000 but any brand is good but use the 1000 size as this gives you more fun . It also casts the light lures better .The drag is lighter and the fish can pull the drag which gives you more of a fight . If you only have a 2500 reel , this is still ok , it is the leader that is important then.
LINE – I use 6 lb braid as it can handle bigger fish if they hit . The leader I use is 6 lb here but if the bite is slow I will go down to 4 lb and hang on ! The leader should be at least 2 metres in length up to 3 metres as this is what the fish see .
LURES- I start with soft plastics . A 1/12 th jig head on a #2 hook , I like the TT lures hooks and the nitro from Berkley . I start with a Berkley shrimp in 2″ size , new penny colour or peppered prawn colour . If nothing I go to the 2″ Berkley camo worm . If the fishing is slow I go down to a 1/16 th jig head size in #2 hook as it floats down slower in the water column .sometimes I will go down to a #4 hook with the 1/16 th jig head if I am not getting any bigger ones . One mate prefers the 3″ jerk shads in pumpkinseed or watermelon etc. it’s just what you feel confident in . Technique here is to cast under the boat , let it sink to the bottom slowly ( many times they hit on the drop ) , leave it there for a few seconds , then give it a gentle rip with the tip of the rod so the lure looks like it is alive , then let it drop again to the bottom , reel in the slack line and repeat till the lure is back to the boat . Always cast with the drift so the boat is going towards the lure if possible . With the camo worm , I leave it on the bottom for longer as it looks like a worm trying to dig into the bottom and the bream just suck it in . Let it sit for longer like bait then give it gentle lifts and drops .
VIBES- if you like vibes then these are another easy way to get the bream . They sink faster and cast longer and are easy to work . Just let it sink to the bottom , then lift your rod up slowly for a metre , you will feel the vibration of the lure as it comes up , then let it drop to the bottom again , reel in the slack line and repeat until the lure is back to the boat . The small vibes are best with the bream .
MICRO JIGS – if you are into micro jigs , bream like the 7 g and 12 g storm micro jigs . Easy to work and they cast very far . So cast out close to the moored boat , let it sink to the bottom , sit for a few seconds , then rip rip rip , three times and let it sink to the bottom again . Reel in the slack line , let it sit for a few seconds , then repeat the rip, rip rip . It sounds crazy for bream but I tell you it works . I have caught heaps this way and the by catch is flathead .

Try all th above techniques , you will get better at bream fishing and that will open up a new world of fun for you on the hardest fish to catch . I also let all the silver bream go as they grow very slowly and a big one is 20 years old . The amount of flesh you get is not worth killing it . Go for flathead if you want a feed . I have written plenty of past blogs on how to catch them . They are easy .
​good fishing !



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