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Bream fishing Part 2 jetties and pontoons

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Fishing for bream around the pontoons and jetties is great fun but is more difficult than amongst the moored boats . First you really need an electric motor , so that you can move from jetty to jetty slowly . The trick here is to cast as close to the jetty front , or either side ans let the soft plastic sink slowly down . If there is a fish hiding they will hit your lure . Work each side and front then move on to the next jetty or pontoon .
TIDES – The Best tide to fish the jetties or pontoons is the last two hours of the run up to the end of the first two hours of the run out . You can catch the fish at other times but these tides seem to be the most productive .
LURES – I prefer to fish soft plastics here on light jig heads . I use 1/16 th oz jig head and a # 4 hook . You can use a #2 hook on 1/16 th oz jig head also . I use a Berkeley 2″ shrimp in new penny colour or peppered prawn . I also use the 2″ crabby Berkley ans if things are tough I go to the 2″ camo worm from Berkley . If the water I s deep you can go to the 1/12 th oz jig head but no heavier if you want more hits .
GEAR – I use 1000 reel , 1-3 kg rod 6’6″ length , with 4 lb braid and 6 lb leader .
If it is a sunny day chose the areas where it is shady and not bright sun . This will work better .
Be prepared for the occasional flathead or trevally , they hunt these areas also . Give it a try ! Good fishing .



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